HTC One M9+ Aurora Edition announced for Taiwan

HTC One M9+ Aurora

We’re going to see a number of big announcements today, and HTC has kicked things off with a couple of new handsets. The HTC One M9+ Aurora Edition is the first one we’re going to focus on as it’s the company’s latest variant, but not necessarily a smartphone folks will flock to.

HTC One M9e photos reveal an interesting design choice

HTC One M9e

We all know HTC is going to unveil a new smartphone in the near future with the HTC Aero. The HTC One M9e has just appeared through a new TENAA listing, and while it isn’t the flagship many hope for, it’s a bit of a throwback when it comes to the design.

New HTC One A9 render previews phone

HTC One A9 render c

New HTC smartphones haven’t exactly been setting the world alight lately, although there’s plenty of interest in the upcoming HTC One A9, formerly dubbed the HTC Aero. Concept phone designer Hasan Kaymak is a name that many readers of Phones Review may recognize, as he often creates some interesting ideas for future devices. Now he […]

HTC One A9 claimed press images show color choices

HTC One A9 press images

There has been plenty of interest in the upcoming HTC One A9, which could be unveiled at a September 29 event. The usual leaks and rumors have been plentiful, and now we have some claimed HTC One A9 press images that give us a look at the device in six different color choices. We’ve been […]

HTC One A9 price indicator is surprisingly high

HTC One A9 price indicator

For virtually as long as we can remember we’ve been following developments of a smartphone originally dubbed the HTC Hima Aero and then simply the Aero. More recently this has become known as the HTC One A9 and it looks to be heading for a big reveal at an event on September 29. Now we […]

HTC One A9 specs in new leak stir things up

HTC One A9 specs in new leak

The HTC One A9, originally codenamed the HTC Aero, is drawing a lot of attention at the moment. We’re seeing leaks arriving on an almost daily basis before it’s expected unveiling later this month. Now some HTC One A9 specs in a new leak tell us a little more about the upcoming smartphone and might […]

HTC One A9 leaked for Android 6.0 Marshmallow on arrival

HTC One A9 tipped for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Rumors and leaks are really stepping up in earnest now about the HTC One A9 aka HTC Aero. Only a few days ago we reported on a possible benchmark spot of this upcoming flagship, and today some fresh leaks on the phone give us more. The HTC One A9 has now been leaked for Android […]

HTC One A9 in prospective benchmark spot

HTC One A9 in prospective benchmark

We first heard about a smartphone dubbed the HTC Aero many months ago. It then received a name change to HTC A9, and more recently HTC One A9 has been tipped as the final title on release. Information has been trickling in via the usual leaks and rumors about this phone, and now the HTC […]

Circular HTC Smartwatch rumored to be in the works

HTC logo

We have covered more smartwatches than you can shake a stick at this year, and we may have another to add to the list soon. An HTC smartwatch is rumored to be in the works, and while we don’t know much, we do have a code name.

HTC smartphone event set for September 29

HTC event

As 2016 creeps closer, we’re seeing the last batch of smartphones begin to roll out. The Nexus and new iPhones are right around the corner, but HTC is coming to the party as well according to an invite set for September 29.