Huawei Honor 7 vs iPhone 6, advantages of each

Huawei Honor 7 vs iPhone 6

The Huawei Honor 7 smartphone was finally made official yesterday and it has a huge amount to offer for a very reasonable price. The flagship device is sure to attract plenty of attention because of this and will compete with other high-end handsets, one of which is the Apple iPhone 6. Today we’re sharing a […]

Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch announced for 2015 release

honor zero smartwatch

There’s a lot going on in the wild world of Chinese smartphones today as we’ve seen several new devices announced. The Huawei Honor Zero Smartwatch is a gadget that flew under our radar amid all the hubbub, but it’s a wearable you’ll want to pay attention to.

Huawei Honor 7 price indicator appears

Huawei Honor 7 price indicator

If you’ve been wondering about the upcoming Huawei Honor 7 price we have some news for you today. We’ve previously reported on leaked specs of this smartphone that is set to be made official at an event on June 30, but now a Hauwei Honor 7 price indicator has emerged that looks very plausible. Huawei […]

The Huawei T1 10 tablet heads to O2 in the UK

huawei T1 10 tablet

It can be tough to keep tabs on all Huawei’s releases as they tend to crank out a lot of devices and variants. The Huawei T1 10 is one of them, and the slate has just been announced for customers in the UK courtesy of O2.

Huawei Nexus reportedly confirmed by for 2015 release

nexus logo

News of a Huawei Nexus has been circulating since February when the rumor mill churned up news of a new Chinese Nexus manufacturer. Since that time, Huawei has been the target of the majority of those rumors, and today an employee may have spilled the beans.

The Huawei P8 lite arrives in the US for $250

huawei P8 Lite

We learned that the Huawei P8 lite existed back in April, and knew it might find its way to the U.S. along with a few of Huawei’s other handsets. Well, today is that day as the Huawei P8 lite has touched down on U.S. shores with a price tag of $249.

Huawei Watch price revealed as pre-orders begin

huawei watch release

The Huawei Watch is set to be one of the slicker Android Wear timepieces out there, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and it was thought to be extremely expensive. Today we are able to shed a little more light on the price as Huawei Watch pre-orders have just begun.

Huawei Mate 8 specs leak points towards 2K Display

huawei mate 8

Huawei has been on a tear lately, and it’s hard to keep up with all their recently released and unannounced handsets. A device dubbed the Huawei Mate 8 was hinted at in leak last week, and today we got a good look at the sleek smartphone.

The Huawei Honor Bee buzzes over to Flipkart for Rs. 4,999

huawei honor bee

There aren’t many surprises in the smartphone world these days, but occasionally a device comes along that catches us off guard. The Huawei Honor Bee announcement was one of those, and as expected, the handset arrived in India over the weekend courtesy of Flipkart.

Huawei Nexus specs may include 5.7-inch Samsung display


It will still be months before we get a good look at the next Nexus handset, but that doesn’t stop the rumor mill from churning away. Today’s bit of news involves the rumored Huawei Nexus smartphone, which is tipped to sport another manufacturer’s display.