iPhone 6 vs. 5S battery life, Plus the winner

iPhone 6 Plus battery

It’s a big hat’s off to the new iPhone 6 following the big reveal, with general first impressions pretty positive. The iPhone 6 and larger iPhone 6 Plus smartphones were made official yesterday, and now we have some details about iPhone 6 vs. 5S battery life, where the Plus is the winner. We’ve already reported […]

Carphone Warehouse push 5S before iPhone 6 UK release

Carphone Warehouse pushing iPhone 5S

The smartphone world is going crazy right now, with the latest devices being announced at IFA Berlin, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Sony Xperia Z3. However, Apple devotees are waiting for the iPhone 6 that’s due to be officially unveiled at an event next week. Nevertheless Carphone Warehouse is pushing the iPhone […]

iPhone 6 specs vs. 5S in release month

iPhone 6 specs vs iPhone 5S in release month

Excitement is really ramping up now for the iPhone 6 launch, which is expected to occur at an Apple event on September 9th. Today we’re taking a look at iPhone 6 specs vs. iPhone 5S in the release month. Obviously as the iPhone 6 has not been made official yet we are going on rumored […]

iPhone 5S battery life reviews after 5 recall

iPhone 5S battery reviews

One subject that often concerns readers regards iPhone battery life, and Apple now acknowledges that some iPhone 5 units have faulty batteries and have set up a recall for replacement. With this in mind we thought it was worth looking at some iPhone 5S battery life reviews, for those who may be considering upgrading from […]

iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S5 gaming with LG G3, OnePlus One

iPhone 5S vs galaxy s5 and lg g3 oneplus one

There are plenty of impressive smartphones available and some of those at the top of the tree come from Apple, Samsung, LG and OnePlus. For many of us an increasingly important factor when buying a new phone is its gaming experience. With this in mind we have a selection of videos today that cover iPhone […]

Nexus 5 vs. Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S revisited

Nexus 5 vs Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S

Very often at Phones Review we are looking ahead to future devices, but today we want to look at three of the most popular smartphones currently available. We’re considering the Nexus 5 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S and which of these would be the best option for those looking for a new phone right […]

iOS 8 beta 5 review for iPhone 5S and 5

ioS 8 beta 5 review

Many of us are looking forward to the fall general release of Apple’s iOS 8. Presently it’s in beta testing and yesterday we informed readers that the latest beta following on from beta 4 was now live, just as we predicted. Today we have an iOS 8 beta 5 review for both the iPhone 5S […]

iPhone 5S problems since iOS 7.1.2 update remain


It’s been a little turbulent for some people after their Apple iPhone 5S gained the iOS 7.1.2 update with problems continually being reported throughout July, so as you’d expect we received a fair few complaints. This includes iPhone 5S, 5C, and iPhone 4S/5 owners with battery life drain, an exhange account problem, lack of ringing, […]

iOS 8 beta 5 fix for hot iPhone 5S, 5


There needs to be an iOS 8 beta 5 fix for hot iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 models, according to some developers currently testing the preview software. Our developer has been using the latest betas on an iPhone 5, 5S, and iPad mini for a while and most recently he noted the phones getting really […]

iOS 8 beta 4 vs. iOS 7.1.2 speed on iPhone 5S

iOS 8 beta 4 vs iOS 7.1.2 on iPhone 5S

Many of us are anticipating the public release of iOS 8, which is slated for a fall arrival, but at the moment it’s in the beta stage being tested by developers. Apple’s iOS 8 beta 4 was recently released and today we have a video for you that shows iOS 8 beta 4 vs. iOS […]