New iOS 8 iCloud features


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve already heard about the massive iCloud hack that took place last weekend. It’s no surprise that folks are talking about iOS 8 iCloud improvements in light of the hack, and while the new iOS 8 features may not ease your fears, they do bring some cool new tricks to the table.

Massive iCloud Hack leaks hundreds of Nude Celebrity Photos


If you were online last night, you might have heard the news of the massive iCloud hack that hit the net. The iCloud leak only involved one thing, and it wasn’t credit card info, it was nude celebrity photos.

iOS 7 Gold Master deletes iCloud feature


Apple’s iOS 7 is on its way to a general release and the Gold Master was recently issued for developers. This is the final build before the new operating system launches to the public. One thing that’s now been noted is that the iOS 7 Gold Master has deleted an iCloud feature. A public release […]

Apple’s iMessage down due to iCloud outage


There is currently an ongoing problem with Apple’s iMessage being down, due to an iCloud outage. This is also affecting some other services, namely Photo Stream, Backup & Restore, iPhoto Journals, and Documents in the Cloud. We have checked ourselves and the iMessage service is currently not working for us, although the problem is only […]

Apple iCloud now featuring 25GB storage

icloud storage

There have been a lot of headlines over the last couple of weeks regarding the issues surrounding the iOS 6 update, which will have caused some embarrassment to the iPhone maker. Now another strange situation has come to light with the Apple iCloud service now featuring 25GB of storage for some users. The team over […]

iMessage outage causing mass frustration


It seems that something is amiss today with Apple’s iMessage system as a widespread outage is being reported causing mass frustration amongst users. The messaging service used by iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) device owners and Mac users has been the subject of plenty of emails being sent to tech sites and many users […]

Truth behind Apple iCloud being hacked

Truth behind Apple iCloud being hacked

I’m sure most know that when they store their personal stuff on the cloud there is always a risk of being hacked, and this is why a user must use a complicated password to protect their gear on the cloud. However there are times when even a strong password simply isn’t enough, especially if your […]

Your views on new Apple iCloud Beta update


Many of you will be familiar with Apple’s iCloud storage service and at the moment it’s receiving an update in the form of the iCloud Beta website. Before WWDC back in June Apple was testing its iCloud Beta website and the site is now live for developers’ access. News in is that the Beta website […]

Move to iCloud option as MobileMe is closed


If you were a user of Apple’s paid MobileMe service you will probably be well aware of the closure of the service with a final notice from Apple a month ago telling how it would cease on July 1. If you never got around to transferring your account to iCloud then you might be pleased […]

WWDC 2012 iPhone 5 MIA but iCloud refresh instead


We know that many people are hoping to hear details of the Apple iPhone 5 (or new iPhone) at WWDC 2012 in June although we’ve already told how the event is due to focus on operating systems, iOS and OS X. Now it seems even more likely that the iPhone 5 will be missing in […]