Intel 7, 10-inch education tablets for students

Intel 7, 10-inch education tablets for students

We are under a constant barrage of new Android Jelly Bean tablet PCs becoming available with devices offering a number of price levels and features, and now Intel has revealed 7 and 10-inch education tablets for students. The company has put the information about the two Android devices onto its Education Solutions website, and are […]

Lava Xolo X500 dual-SIM Intel smartphone looks boring

Lava Xolo X500 dual-SIM Intel smartphone looks boring

The Android platform is becoming awash with numerous different handsets being released from an ever increasing selection of manufacturers, and recently there seems to be more handsets that feature dual SIM compatibility and one such phone we have for you today is the Lava Xolo X500 Intel smartphone that does look rather boring though. The […]

Intel ZTE V98 Windows 8 tablet and readers views

LTE slate

The tablet PC market is already a crowded space with a whole host of hardware to tempt consumers to part with their cash, and this is set to increase further later this year with the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 8. Today we have an article looking at the upcoming Intel powered ZTE […]

Android Jelly Bean ported to Intel Medfield chips


We’ve been trying to keep readers informed about the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update and when it will come to various devices and today we have heard that Android Jelly Bean has now been ported to Intel Medfield chips. These Intel chips are currently used in some devices running Android 2.3 and Android 4.0 so […]

Motorola Intel edge-to-edge event September 18 in London

motorola london event

Now the dust has settled on Apple’s press event yesterday we can still look forward to what other smartphone manufacturers may be planning. Luckily for those that don’t want an iPhone there are a vast array or worthy handsets available and now a Motorola Intel edge-to-edge event has been announced in London on September 18th. […]

Motorola Intel-powered phone rumors rise again


Regular readers with amazing memories may remember that way back in February we reported on rumors of a new Motorola smartphone that would be powered by an Intel processor and be running on Android 4.0. The idea of this initially pricked ears but the fuss soon died down, as other new handsets became reality. However […]

Intel says Android makes woeful use of dual core processors

Intel says Android makes woeful use of dual core processors

Apparently an exec of Intel has remarked that the current versions of the Android smartphone operating system makes woeful use of dual core processors, and that poor implementation of threading tech by the OS saps any benefit dual core processors brings to the Android operating system. According to an article over on PC World by […]

Ultrabooks to wirelessly charge smartphones as Intel shows


We have some news today regarding Intel’s new all-in-one Ultrabook concept. Although ultrabooks are not something we usually write about at Phones Review this news does tie in with phones as it looks to a time ahead where ultrabooks will be used to wirelessly charge your phone. As well as the new concept PC featuring […]

Smartphone wireless charging next to a laptop demo video

Smartphone wireless charging next to a laptop demo video

There have been numerous ways of wirelessly charging a smartphone in the past, and during Computex 2012 in Taipei it appears that Intel has come up with another way to wirelessly charge a smartphone, apparently by placing it next to a laptop with Intel’s built in wireless charging standard, and this tech was demonstrated at […]

UK exclusive Orange Santa Clara Intel Android phone

orange exclusive

It seems that many manufactures want to jump on the smartphone bandwagon especially when it comes to the rapidly expanding Android platform, and today we have news of the UK exclusive Orange Santa Clara Intel Android smartphone. The handset was first revealed back in February at the Mobile World Congress, and the device will join […]