Forget iOS 7.0.3 and release 7.1 already

Forget iOS 7.0.3 and release 7.1 already

Since Apple released the iOS 7 operating system back in September many users have been beset with various problems, which have affected users of a number of Apple mobile devices. There will be many users that would prefer Apple to forget about iOS 7.0.3 and release iOS 7.1 instead. We heard last month that a […]

I hate iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and 4S, might get Android

I hate iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and 4S, might get Android

iPhone 4 and 4S users are so angry and only a few weeks ago we talked about the hate they have for the new iOS 7, it seems that bad that some of them are considering jumping on the Android train. There have been a lot of issues with the iPhone 4 and 4S of […]

iOS 7 keyboard lag on iPhone 4, 4S

iOS 7 keyboard lag on iPhone 4, 4S

The new iOS 7 is an operating system you either love or hate, we believe it was specifically made for the more powerful iPhone 5, 5S and of course the 5C. Some say that the new OS is too complex for the iPhone 4 and 4S and that is why these two handsets are seeing […]

iOS 7 vs. iOS 6 speed test on iPhone 4

iOS 7 vs iOS 6 speed test on iPhone 4

Since Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system to the general public things haven’t exactly been running as smoothly as they would have hoped, but now we are looking at iOS 7 vs. iOS 6 in a speed test on the iPhone 4. Below this article we have a video that is […]

iOS 7 apps crashing problem on iPhone 5S not imagined


While Apple’s iOS 7 has been a welcome update for many device users, there have also been a number of issues that have resulted from the upgraded operating system. One of these arises when using apps, and now it appears that the iOS 7 apps crashing problem on the iPhone 5S is not imagined. Just […]

iOS 7.0.3 update wish list three weeks on


The new mobile operating system from Apple released to the public just over three weeks ago, and many Apple device users are now getting used to iOS 7. Although iOS 7 offers many new features and improvements, it hasn’t been without problems. Now we’d like to know what’s on your iOS 7.0.3 wish list three […]

iOS 7 Wi-Fi problems evident for iPhone 4S


Since iOS 7 released to the public we have reported on several issues occurring so far, and these articles have prompted a large amount of comments from readers who have aired grievances about their various concerns. Now we are hearing reports of iOS 7 Wi-Fi problems that are evident for some users of the iPhone […]

Flickr app iOS 7 update adds more features


If you’re a user of the popular iOS Flickr app then this next piece of news is for you. The Flickr hosting service has just been updated for iOS 7 and has gained an automatic upload feature as well as a new editing tool. Flickr is a photography app that provides photo-editing tools and filters […]

iPhone activation error reason and fix in iOS 7


Apple’s iOS 7 finally recently released to the public, and although some users are finding everything runs smoothly, others have not been so lucky. We have reported on various issues that have been affecting devices with iOS 7 and recently discussed an activation required problem. Now we have a little more about the iPhone activation […]

iOS 7 problems with icons vanishing is debatable

iOS 7 problems with icons vanishing

Since Apple released iOS 7 to the public it’s had its ups and downs, a few bugs here and a few problems there. Once this new operating system was put out to the public it was not long until iOS 7.0.1 and then iOS 7.0.2 were released. After iOS 7.0.2 was released iPhone and iPad […]