iOS 7 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S


Apple’s iOS 7 appears to be causing a fair amount of frustration for some device users. Although there has been plenty of praise for the updated operating system from some users, others are not happy at all. Today we want to delve into iOS 7 battery problems that have been reported for the iPhone 4 […]

Hate iPhone 4, 4S iOS 7 and cannot downgrade


The release of iOS 7 has met with mixed reception to say the least. Although plenty of users are enjoying the revamped iOS with improvements and new features, there are others that hate the Apple iOS 7 update and want to downgrade. Apple has already blocked those with devices now running iOS 7 from downgrading […]

iOS 7.0.2 update problems on iPhone 5S


Apple’s iOS 7 only released recently but was swiftly followed by an iOS 7.0.2 update that contained bug fixes for security flaws. iOS 7 itself was not without some problems, but it appears that there are also iOS 7.0.2 update problems on iPhone 5S. Yesterday we discussed why some of the issues surrounding iOS 7 […]

Why iOS 7 problems shouldn’t put you off updating


Since iOS 7 was released for general use there has been a mixed reception about the updated Apple mobile operating system. Whereas some appreciate the many improvements, features and new design, others have hit various issues and just don’t like the new look. Here’s why you shouldn’t let iOS 7 problems put you off updating. […]

iOS 7 downgrade conspiracy theories


There’s still a lot of fallout from the recent iOS 7 release. Although many users appreciate the new features and revamped look, there are some who just don’t like it at all. However, if you’ve already updated, Apple is no longer giving the ability to downgrade to iOS 6. This decision is now leading to […]

iOS 7.0.2 safe for jailbreaks says MuscleNerd

iOS 7.0.2 safe for jailbreaks says MuscleNerd

It is not often we write about jailbreaking news, but we wanted to clarify with our readers that iOS 7.0.2 is safe for future jailbreaks according to MuscleNerd. Yesterday we reported that iOS 7.0.2 update went live and that jailbreakers should steer clear, well this can now be laid to rest because MuscleNerd tweeted yesterday […]

iOS 7 apps won’t update, crash problems explained

iOS 7 apps won't update, crash problems explained

Millions of Apple customers have already installed iOS 7 since it was released to the public last week, but there are a few iDevice users that are a little worried about downloading and installing iOS 7 because they believe there will be problems with apps updating and or crashing. Not so long ago an app […]

iOS 7.0.2 OTA update, jailbreakers steer clear: Update

iOS 7.0.2 OTA update, jailbreakers steer clear

Apple has just made available the new iOS 7.0.2 OTA update, which you can download and install right now. This new update fixes bugs that could allow someone to bypass the lock screen passcode, as well as introducing a Greek keyboard option for passcode entry. The over-the-air update build 11A501 is now available on all […]

iOS 7 battery life fix with clean install


There are plenty of iOS device users happily using iOS 7 since the recent update, but it seems many users are still having problems. There are still issues for some iPhone 5 and 4S owners regarding faster battery drain on their handset since the update, so today we want to give you information about an […]

iOS 7 waterproof hoax explained in videos


It’s difficult to imagine that some iOS device users have fallen for an iOS 7 waterproof hoax. Some of you will have heard about this already, while for others it’s a new story. Read on and we’ll tell you more and we’re also including some funny video explanations about what happened. Apple’s iOS 7 released […]