Consumer iPad 2 niggles, in agreement?


Whilst the tech world gears itself up for the new iPad 3 arrival destined at the beginning of March, its predecessor the iPad 2 still remains as popular as ever. Nearly two years ago, the first iPad paved the way not only for other iPad tablets to follow, but a product that other manufacturers could […]

Paying the price for an iPad 3 4G?


As time moves on, so do the rumours of the forthcoming Apple iPad 3 tablet, from its possible specs to its release date. From what we’ve reported on so far, the slate is expected to be announced the second week of March with a release date on or around the 9th March, giving it a […]

iPad 3 to include possible 8-inch Mini?


News of Apple’s iPad 3 tablet has been circling for the past year now and it’s difficult to gauge what’s likely and what’s just pure nonsense. Specs wise, this changes weekly which we will give you a brief rundown of, along with its possible release date.

Do we really need iPhone 5 or iPad 3?


For the past year, Apple fans have been keeping a close ear to the ground with news of the new iPhone 5 smartphone and iPad 3 tablet devices. Rumours have been a constant flow with news of their possible specifications and when they will actually arrive. News is still pointing to an iPhone 5 announcement […]

iPad 3 on way, cheap iPad 2’s available


Apple’s iPad 2 tablet officially released to the waiting world nearly a year ago, and it was shortly after this period that news started to surface that the Cali Company were thinking of developing a new iPad 3. Rumours have been in full swing from that time until now with what the tablet will have […]

iPad 3 appearance pointing to March 9th?


As soon as Apple’s iPad 2 tablet officially released last March, news came about that the Cali Company had already started to consider their next third generation device, still to this day to be called the iPad 3. Here at Phones Review, we’ve spoken on a handful of occasions about its possible specifications and we’ve […]

iPad 3 launch, indications?


Major technology events will take place in 2012, the first that has been and gone was that of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with the next being the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Putting just those events to one side with their new forthcoming products, many are waiting in baited breath for the announcement and official […]

iOS 5.1 & iPad 3 public launch expectations


Apple’s next generation iPad 3 is still expected early part of this year, and despite there being no concrete information to go on, the tablet is hoped to come in March with an announcement at the end of February. This would bring it in line with the official release of the iPad 2 a year […]

iPad 3 arrival: Gamers give up consoles beforehand?


Since the start of Apple’s iPad 2 arrival last March, rumours have been in overdrive surrounding the next generation iPad and its specification possibilities. As well as the next iPad 3 tablet destined to arrive sometime in March this year, rumours include the add-on of LTE, HD display, quad-core processor and so on.

iPad 3 review, Apple design flaw trend

iPad 3 review, Apple design trend flaw

Call us mad for thinking this, but the thought of someone handling the iPad 3 seems a little too good to be true, what is even more of a mystery is the point we have to make about the iPad 3 review and the Apple design trend flaw. Apple made in our eyes a major […]