Apple iPhone 3G Vs BlackBerry Pearl in water test

Apple iPhone 3G Vs BlackBerry Pearl in water test

Sounds crazy but this BlackBerry and iPhone 3G test was a complete freak accident but I thought I would share it with you all. I was laying on the beach in Ibiza last week soaking up the sun, with my beach bag of holiday essentials that included my BlackBerry Pearl, my Sony Cyber-Shot camera and […]

iPhone 3G hip case from Marware C.E.O. Premiere

iPhone 3G hip case from C.E.O. Premiere

Are you looking for a hip case to keep your iPhone 3G safe? Well we have a gorgeous one here from the Apple Store that actually looks very similar to a purse, it’s a Marware C.E.O. Premiere, and is made from perforated leather, and is complimented by a contrast in stitching. It also has a […]

Is Apple popular because of App Store or iPhone 3G?

We want to know something and that something is “Is Apple popular because of App Store or iPhone 3G? This is one question well worth thinking about, would you not agree. Look at what Venture Beat is saying, they say that the App Store could in fact spread like wildfire through Apple’s product line, and […]

Video Example of iPhone 3G lagging: Are you affected?

We have reported a few times now of the problems the iPhone and iPhone 3G are having and this is becoming such a major problem that is ticking off customers. We have seen these problems personally and yes at first thought we were the only ones, but this is not the case as many users […]

iPhone 3G Delays: O2 courier DHL is the culprits

It seems the Apple iPhone 3G brings out problems after problems, the latest news and iPhone 3G disaster comes from O2 courier, DHL. This is major news because there are many delays for the iPhone 3G being delivered, we check on the internet for more problems other than what we know already and came across […]

Apple News: Steve Jobs confirms One Million iPhone 3G Handsets Sold

Apple has just announced that they have sold their one millionth iPhone, which is outstanding considering it only went on sale 3 days ago. Many optimists and street analysts had many speculations running through their minds, you know the people who want the device to be a failure, well this goes out to you. Apple […]

iPhone 3G Customers Cripple O2: Activation systems suffer

Yes there have been many problems and I was included in one of them today (See Here), many O2 customers have reported today that O2’s activation system crashed this morning, we here at Phones Review was there to witness this; they seemed to be having troubles. Before I go into this news, we must say […]

iPhone 3G problems: Carphone Warehouse blame Apple not O2

apple-iphone problems

We reported to you earlier on today about the Official O2 Confirmation: Existing iPhone customers can upgrade to 3G in-store. (See Here), well we have some more exclusive details from We all know that O2 and Carphone Warehouse have Apple iPhone 3g shortage problems, we asked an O2 store in Hampshire if existing iPhone […]

iPhone 3G PAYG coming later this year: Pay & Go not yet available

O2 wish to keep you all happy when it comes to the all new Apple iPhone 3G and yes they are trying their best. The interest levels are soaring with many people signing to register their interests, the day is near and that day is July 11. Many of you on O2 are already receiving […]

Breaking O2 News: Upgrade to New iPhone 3G Online Today for Free

We had a text message sent to us on the Apple iPhone saying “iPhone 3G is here” the whole text message says: The iPhone you’ve been waiting to early upgrade to. Order from 8am today. As an Apple iPhone fan we are offering you a special, early upgrade to iPhone 3G. The offer is only […]