iPhone screen beating vs Rhino Shield MK2

iPhone screen beating vs Rhino Shield MK2

If you want to see an iPhone screen take a beating from hammers, knives, and everything dangerous you got to watch the video below. 

The Rhino Shield MK2 is a super-thin transparent screen protector, which will make your phone is impenetrable or pretty darn close to it. Rhino Shield was successfully funded on Kickstarter ($119,000) […]

I hate iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and 4S, might get Android

I hate iOS 7 on iPhone 4 and 4S, might get Android

iPhone 4 and 4S users are so angry and only a few weeks ago we talked about the hate they have for the new iOS 7, it seems that bad that some of them are considering jumping on the Android train. There have been a lot of issues with the iPhone 4 and 4S of […]

iOS 7 keyboard lag on iPhone 4, 4S

iOS 7 keyboard lag on iPhone 4, 4S

The new iOS 7 is an operating system you either love or hate, we believe it was specifically made for the more powerful iPhone 5, 5S and of course the 5C. Some say that the new OS is too complex for the iPhone 4 and 4S and that is why these two handsets are seeing […]

iOS 7 Wi-Fi problems evident for iPhone 4S


Since iOS 7 released to the public we have reported on several issues occurring so far, and these articles have prompted a large amount of comments from readers who have aired grievances about their various concerns. Now we are hearing reports of iOS 7 Wi-Fi problems that are evident for some users of the iPhone […]

Nokia Lumia 1520 seen with iPhone 4S

Nokia Lumia 1520 seen with iPhone 4S

While the company looks set to be swallowed up by Microsoft it’s still business as usual for Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia, and the company is set to launch a new flagship smartphone in the coming weeks with the Nokia Lumia 1520 seen again alongside an iPhone 4S. The image that you can see on this […]

iOS 7 battery problems reported for iPhone 4 and 4S


Apple’s iOS 7 appears to be causing a fair amount of frustration for some device users. Although there has been plenty of praise for the updated operating system from some users, others are not happy at all. Today we want to delve into iOS 7 battery problems that have been reported for the iPhone 4 […]

Hate iPhone 4, 4S iOS 7 and cannot downgrade


The release of iOS 7 has met with mixed reception to say the least. Although plenty of users are enjoying the revamped iOS with improvements and new features, there are others that hate the Apple iOS 7 update and want to downgrade. Apple has already blocked those with devices now running iOS 7 from downgrading […]

iOS 7 beta 6 solves iPhone 5, 4S G+ app problems


The latest iOS 7 beta 6 release date and time finally showed that Apple has avoided any sort of pattern in the later downloads, although you could easily predict a release day for the developer software in the early betas. Our in-house developer has been testing every launch on an iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, […]

Liquipel skins for iPhone 4S, 5 and Galaxy S4


There is a huge accessories market for mobile devices, and we try to keep readers in the know about new ones that look particularly good. Today we have some details for you about Liquipel skins for iPhone 4S, 5 and Galaxy S4. These Skins have just been announced by Liquipel, a company that is already […]

Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5 vs. 4S for budget opportunists


Almost since the moment we saw the iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 launch rumors started towards what might be next. This is common with almost all popular smartphone releases, and now we are many months on the rumors for Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S/6 have reached a state of extreme excitement, but the latest update […]