iPhone 5 vs. 4S battery life, drain on iOS 7 fixed


Last week you might have seen our article taking a hands-on look at the iPhone 5 vs. 4S battery life with the latest iOS 7 beta. During this test with iOS 7 it was the iPhone 4S battery life that raised a few questions, and this handset suffered bad battery drain after installing the latest […]

iPhone 5 vs. 4S battery life with iOS 7 beta


Following on from our article looking at the iOS 7 beta 1 AirDrop features on iPhone 5 and the lack of AirDrop on iPhone 4S, we thought a quick post would be ideal with our battery life findings. Battery drain is something a few iPhone 4/4S users know very well and in most cases appeared […]

Charge iPhone in microwave: massive debate begins

Charge iPhone in microwave- massive debate begins

It seems people can be really silly, we are not ridiculing any certain person here but everyone seems to be searching for “Charge iPhone in Microwave’ again. Now call me sceptical but come on, do you really think you can charge your smartphone in a microwave? We thought we would let Phones Review readers hear […]

Store earbuds in iPhone 5, 4S / 4 cases

Store earbuds in iPhone 5, 4S : 4 cases

We love innovative ideas when it comes to Apple smartphones and we love the thought of storing Apple earbuds in well-designed iPhone 5, 4S / 4 cases. There are millions of iPhone cases on the market with different designs, you can buy the wallet case, iPhone charger case and so many more, the list is […]

iPhone 5 cases for the arty individual by Griffin


At Phones Review we often bring news of some of the best accessories for smartphones and tablets and now we have details to share with you about some cases for the iPhone 5, 4S and 4. These cases come from Griffin and would suit the arty individual who likes to be a bit alternative from […]

T-Mobile iPhone 5 USA official price plans and release date

T-Mobile iPhone 4, 4S & 5 official prices and release date

At last T-Mobile will be selling the iPhone 5, 4S and the iPhone 4 in USA, the iPhone 5 will go on sale from Friday, April 12th. John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile USA said that customers can now get the iPhone without all the pain other carriers put them through, this is a […]

New lock screen flaw affecting iPhone 4/4S with iOS 6.1.3

New iPhone lock screen bug found since iOS 6.1.3 update

There doesn’t seem that a day goes by without someone finding an issue with one of the handsets that are widely used, and now we have news of a new lock screen flaw affecting the iPhone 4/4S since the iOS 6.1.3 update. Apple recently released iOS 6.1.3 to fix a similar issue but already a […]

iPhone 4S Polycom’s RealPresence Video Conference App at last

Polycom's RealPresence Video Conference App Comes to iPhone 4S

We live in a fast paced world, and that means that it can often be difficult to try and get all of the necessary co-workers into the same room at one time. Sales people are often on the road, managers are often swamped with work, and even clients can be countries away. The high cost […]

iPhone and Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender case for distinction


Today we have some details for you about iPhone and Galaxy S3 OtterBox Defender cases that have a real touch of distinction about them. If you’ve invested in a smartphone then you are very likely to want to protect that investment with a stylish customizable case and these cases are available for the Apple iPhone […]

The Galaxy S4: Planning a big bite out of Apple

The Galaxy S4- Planning a big bite out of Apple

Apple’s iPhone has gone from strength to strength, many of its supposed challengers have one-by-one fallen by the wayside. BlackBerry was forced to do a complete rethink and is gambling everything on its new touchscreen, HTC has slid into the red and is putting all its hopes in the One, while Nokia’s Lumia has not […]