iPhone 5 case, iKit NuCharge battery pack doubles your usage


We always endeavor to bring readers details of new and upcoming accessories and today we have details of an interchangeable battery and case cover for the iPhone 5. It’s called the iKit NuCharge and it’s claimed to be the “most advanced battery case ever made,” with the ability to double your iPhone 5 battery life. […]

T-Mobile iPhone 5 USA official price plans and release date

T-Mobile iPhone 4, 4S & 5 official prices and release date

At last T-Mobile will be selling the iPhone 5, 4S and the iPhone 4 in USA, the iPhone 5 will go on sale from Friday, April 12th. John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile USA said that customers can now get the iPhone without all the pain other carriers put them through, this is a […]

iPhone 5 case suggestion, don’t miss the Mist,


We always like to bring readers details of accessories as well as devices and if you have a spanking new phone then you may well want to splash out a little extra on a case for it. Today we have news of an Apple iPhone 5 case called the Mist and this is a little […]

iPhone 6 unbreakable and chip free design eliminates cases

iPhone 6 unbreakable and chip free design eliminates cases main pic

The iPhone 5 as we all know is more stronger and most defiantly more durable, but and a big but comes into the equation with the design build. Something needs to be totally different with future builds, and this is where we look into the iPhone 6 unbreakable and chip free design that eliminates cases. […]

Bluetooth Bracelet is state of the art iPhone 5 accessory


At Phones Review we often bring you news about mobile accessories such as cases, docks etc., but today we have details of something a little different, a Bluetooth Bracelet that is a state of the art iPhone 5 accessory and also compatible with other smartphones. This accessory is not just practical but also fashionable and […]

HTC One vs iPhone 5 lookalike accusations, video shows differences


The HTC One and Apple iPhone 5 are both hugely impressive smartphones and are credible competition against each other. The iPhone 5 has been out for several months now but since the HTC One was made official last month and we saw the first confirmed images, many people have accused it of being an iPhone […]

Galaxy S4 vs older iPhone 5, initial video comparison


The Samsung Galaxy S4 was formally unveiled last week and is a truly notable new handset headed for a worldwide release starting in April. Now that it is official at last we thought it would be interesting to look at a comparison of the Galaxy S4 vs. the older iPhone 5, showing what they each […]

iPhone 5 Alltel price beats Apple


Although the iPhone 5 came out several months ago it’s still selling extremely well and with the iPhone 5S not due out until summer at the earliest, the current iPhone is still likely to remain popular for a while yet. There’s some good news then if you’re in the US and thinking of purchasing the […]

iPhone 5 cases Slims from iSkin are thinnest available


If you’re the owner of an Apple iPhone 5 then you’ll probably want to protect your device although not everybody wants a bulky case for their device. Enter the Slims from iSkin, which are dubbed as the “world’s thinnest and lightest” cases but will still give your iPhone 5 protection plus they look pretty good […]

iPhone 5 torture test video shows pretty good results


The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be a top selling smartphone but one of the criticisms that the phone has often faced is how easy it is to shatter the glass and the handset being prone to being easily scratched and scuffed. However a video we have for you today shows an iPhone 5 being […]