iPhone 5C not 5S the great Onion spoof


Since the iPhone 5 was launched back in September our attention has already turned to the next iPhone, the iPhone 5S. However imagine our shock today to discover an interim iPhone on the way called the iPhone 5C. This seventh-generation model was totally unexpected and caught many tech sites and bloggers by surprise when Apple’s […]

Finding the perfect, affordable smartphone this Christmas

Finding the perfect, affordable smartphone this Christmas

It’s no wonder that mobile phones are such a popular option at Christmas, as they really are the gifts that keep on giving. With so many models available trying to find the right one at the right price can be a challenge – these are four models to consider as you start your search. Please […]

f0recast utility by iH8sn0w updated, supports iPhone 5 & more


For months now we have been waiting for news on an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 but the silence over recent weeks has been almost deafening. It’s good to hear then that there is still work going on in the hacking community as proven by today’s news that iH8sn0w has come […]

Blackberry 10 vs HTC 8X vs iPhone 5 in Browser Speeds

Blackberry 10 vs HTC 8X vs iPhone 5 in Browser Speeds

I’m pretty sure everyone in the mobile space is aware that Research In Motion is pinning all their hopes on regaining lost market share and returning the BlackBerry brand to its former glory with their saviour BlackBerry 10 devices, which are expected to surface early in 2013. It appears that these new BlackBerry 10 handset […]

iPhone 5 Radius Case, I’m sexy and you know it

sexy iphone 5 case

Modern smartphones while looking increasingly stylish have also become lighter and thinner, which for many owners also increases the worry that the device may be easily damaged if accidently dropped or bumped. This leads to many smartphone owners to purchase some sort of case or bumper, but this will then cover up that beautifully designed […]

iOS 6.1 beta 4 jailbreak for devs available


With still no news on an iOS 6 /iOS 6.0.1 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and other devices there has been a certain amount of talk that the jailbreaking community may now wait for iOS 6.1. With that in mind we can tell you the good news that iOS 6.1 beta 4 is now […]

iPhone 5 sells well for Apple in China

iPhone 5 sells well for Apple in China

The latest iOS smartphone is doing rather well for Apple across the globe where the smartphone has become available. But there was a little rumour that over in China customer’s lining up to pick up the new larger display handset when it was released in China on the 14th of this month, didn’t see the […]

Google Maps using Siri tip, no need for iOS 6 jailbreak


Apple iOS device users will be only too aware of the many problems that arose when Apple chose to replace the Google Maps application with its own Maps app. Many iPhone and iPad owners have been waiting patiently for the Google Maps app to make an appearance at the App Store and a few days […]

Nexus 4 vs iPhone 5, cameras take different photos


The Google Nexus 4 and Apple iPhone 5 are definitely on many people’s Christmas wish lists and two of the most in-demand smartphones of the moment. Today we want to look at the Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5 in respect of their photographic capabilities, as it seems the cameras on each take very different photos. […]

iPhone 5, 4S & iPad Walmart price deals, big discounts


Many of us are well into the swing of holiday shopping right now and for those of you considering purchasing the Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPad then there’s some great news. Walmart now has some amazing deals on offer with big discounts on some Apple products and from tomorrow (Monday) customers buying an […]