iPhone 7 release may bring significant changes

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Like all the iPhones that came before it, it’s safe to say the iPhone 7 release is going to be popular. Despite rumors of an early release, we think you’ve got a while to wait, but some interesting new details have emerged in regards to Apple’s next handset.

iPhone 7 waterproof and RAM features news

iPhone 7 wateproofing and RAM news

Just like every year, no sooner has one new iPhone released than we start hearing leaks and rumors about the next. We’ve already started seeing news trickling through about the iPhone 7, and over the next few months we expect that to build into a torrent of leaks before the final launch. Now there is […]

New iPhone 7 portrayal offers alternative design

iPhone 7 vision for new design

Although we’re already hearing trickles of information about the Apple iPhone 2016, the rumor mill is still some time away from really ramping up. Today we’re showing a new iPhone 7 portrayal that offers an alternative idea for the design of the next iPhone. It’s probably safe to say that the real deal won’t look […]

iPhone 7 design has gloss appeal and style

iPhone 7 design has gloss and style c

The Apple iPhone 7 is already up for discussion even though it won’t release until 2016. Rumors and leaks are already underway, but in the meantime we can tantalize ourselves with looking at concept ideas for the device. Today we have a new iPhone 7 design to show you. We think it has gloss appeal […]

iPhone 7 RAM talk plus 4-inch iPhone news

iPhone 7 RAM talk

Remember those rumors last year that the iPhone 6S would step up to 2GB of RAM? That’s exactly what happened and now speculation is already mounting for next year’s iPhone 7. A well-known analyst has detailed expectations for the new iPhone 2016, and there’s iPhone 7 RAM talk as well as news on a new […]

iPhone 7 render includes new iOS 10

iPhone 7 design with iOS 10 b

We don’t expect to see the iPhone 7 release until fall next year but we’re already seeing numerous design visions for the smartphone. This latest iPhone 7 render includes a new iOS 10 vision and the idea of a never-ending screen. Read on for more details and tell us what you think. This new iPhone […]

iPhone 7 vision picks up patent design idea

iPhone 7 vision

Way ahead of an Apple iPhone 7 release we’re already seeing numerous design ideas for the new iPhone 2016. While many concept renders are pure flights of fancy, the new iPhone 7 vision that we’re showing today has picked up a patent design idea to create something rather different to the usual iPhone styling. A […]

iPhone 7 design envisions iOS 10 and Retina 3 display

iPhone 7 design envisions iOS 10

The iPhone 7 release is not expected until next fall but the work of concept designers is already underway. It’s often tempting to look at different ideas for well-known devices, and this latest iPhone 7 design envisions iOS 10 as well as having a Retina Display 3 screen. Hasan Kaymak often comes up with impressive […]

iPhone 7 concept shootout, a pick of three

iPhone 7 concept shootout c

Despite the fact that the iPhone 6S has only just released, we’re already seeing an influx of design ideas for the iPhone 7. Today we’re spoiling you for choice with an iPhone 7 concept shootout. You can take your pick from three new visions for the 2016 iPhone, and let us know which you think […]

iPhone 7 will be dustproof and waterproof says report

iPhone 7 will be dustproof and waterproof says report

As usual, just after a new iPhone has released the rumor mill gets underway for the next version. The Apple iPhone 6S only released on Friday but leaks about the iPhone 7 have already started. A new report from overseas says that the iPhone 7 will be dustproof and waterproof, and also gives some further […]