iPhone 7 Edge vision has Samsung Galaxy feature

iPhone 7 Edge design

It’s always enjoyable to look ahead to what future devices could be like, and today we’re sharing a design that many readers might find interesting. Interestingly, this iPhone 7 Edge vision has a Samsung Galaxy feature from the Galaxy S6 Edge, as it has gently curved sides that can display notifications. We have some images […]

iPhone 7 design featuring interesting touches

iPhone 7 design

It can often be intriguing to look ahead to future devices for ideas about what they could bring to the table, and today we’re sharing an Apple iPhone 7 design. Of course the next iPhone is more likely to be called the iPhone 6S, so this would be the following in line unless Apple rethinks […]

iPhone 7 design includes Apple Watch feature

iPhone 7 design

Now we’re through the first few months of the year we’re likely to start hearing much more in the way of rumors and leaks about the next iPhone. This seems likely to be called the iPhone 6S going by previous patterns, although many are referring to it as the iPhone 7. Whatever moniker it eventually […]

The iPhone 7 release may come in three different sizes


It’s safe to say that Apple had a good year last year with the release of the larger iPhone 6’s. That said, some are going to miss the smaller form factor, it’s natural when the dimensions have largely stayed the same for so long. Well, you may not have to languish of the mini iPhone any longer as a new rumor suggests the iPhone 7 release may remedy that.

iPhone 7 vision comes with exaggerated specs

iPhone 7 vision c

The next Apple iPhone is many months away yet, as its not likely to release until around September. However, that doesn’t stop many of us wondering what will appear when it’s finally unveiled. We’re already seeing renders of iPhone 2015 from various designers, and the iPhone 7 vision we’re showing today comes with some exaggerated […]

iPhone 7 design featuring wireless charging is enticing

iPhone 7 design d

Although it’s several months until an expected unveiling of the new iPhone 2015, we’re already starting to see leaks and rumors about specs and features. Another thing we’ve seen is plenty of ideas for how it will look, and today we have an iPhone 7 design that features wireless charging and is extremely enticing. This […]

New iPhone 7 /6S specs rumor concerns RAM

iPhone 7 :6S specs rumor

Once we hit a new year it never takes very long for speculation to start ramping up about the next Apple iPhone. The 2015 iPhone isn’t expected until later in the year but that doesn’t keep the rumor mill from its steady grind. Now a new iPhone 7 /6S specs rumor concerns the RAM for […]

iPhone 7 rumored to come with a dual-camera and 3D pressure sensor

Best Live blogs for Apple event

The iPhone 6 has performed like Apple had hoped, and it’s safe to say that a lot of consumers have taken to the larger iPhone. We’re still a long ways off from the iPhone 7, but an interesting rumor hit the net today that says the iPhone 7 specs will bring something unique to the table. Get that saltshaker ready…

Best smartphones to anticipate in 2015

Hotly anticipated smartphones 2015

At the end of a year we like to start looking ahead to smartphones that will be on offer in the next year. As far as high-end devices are concerned there will be plenty available, with flagships to look forward to from the major manufacturers. Today we’re thinking about the best smartphones to anticipate in […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 7 /6S vs HTC One M9 for 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 7 vs HTC One M9

Now we’ve had all of the big releases this year our attention is already turning to some of the top flagships for next year. Samsung, Apple and HTC all have popular lines for high-end phones, so today we though we’d look forward at what may be offered with the Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 7 […]