We Love iOS Apps Survey Poll: iPhone / iPad / iPod

We Love iOS Apps Survey Poll- iPhone _ iPad _ iPod

NPolls composed a survey of 5.013 iPhone/iPod/iPad users in 68 countries, concluding that the community is crazy about apps! In fact, 55% of individuals have downloaded more than 10 free apps in the last month and 69% have bought apps in the last month. This poll was created with the NPolls iOS App between 21 […]

MTA LIRR Info: TransitGuru Subway App The Trip Planner

MTA LIRR Info- TransitGuru Subway App The Trip Planner

If you are looking for MTA info direct from your Apple iPhone then look no further than TransitGuru MTA LIRR iOS app, this is a fantastic rail application that has an interactive map and so much more. This app offers a superb interactive system map where users will be able to tap on a station […]

Top Tax Saving Tips in 2011: WriteTax App

Top Tax Saving Tips in 2011- WriteTax App

WriteTax Tax Saving Tips iOS app is a must and we all know that we all like to save tax wherever possible; well this application will help you along the way. WriteTax: Tax Saving Tips is an iOS universal app that has been iOS 4.0 tested and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. […]

Bubble Ball Android App: Is It Better Than Angry Birds?

Bubble Ball Android App- Is It Better Than Angry Birds

Many smartphone gamers are well aware of the new game Bubble Ball and that it has been released on iOS and Android platforms and it seems to be taking the world by storm, not bad considering a 14-year-old boy developed it. A young boy aged just 14-years old called Robert Nay of Spanish Fork, Utah […]

Robert Burns Poems, Quotes & Songs: iOS App Collection

Robert Burns Poems, Quotes & Songs- iOS App Collection

The Google Doodle today is all about Robert Burns so we decided to find you 7 iOS apps covering Poems, Quotes and Songs. Below we will let you know about each application and then you can pick the one you prefer. The top seven iOS apps are called: The Works of Robert Burns, Robert Burns […]

Super Bowl 2011 NFL Date and Time Countdown iOS App

Super Bowl 2011 NFL Date and Time Countdown iOS App

The North Texas Super Bowl XLV is soon to begin and we have a great NFL iOS countdown app just for you so that you do not miss out, we bring NFL fans what they need. The Super Bowl XLV iOS app is official and provided by the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee, […]

iOS App: Are You Ready For A Natural Disaster Video?

iOS App- Are You Ready For A Natural Disaster Video

Natural disasters can be very powerful especially when it comes to volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, tidal waves or even earthquakes so we decided to find an app showing you many videos. The iOS app called ‘Natural Disasters Video!’ has some extreme videos showing natural disasters including the above plus hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and many more. […]

Patent: Your Invention Online Search iOS App

Patent- Your Invention Online Search iOS App

If you would like to search Patents you should take a look at ‘Patent Finder’ iOS app, this app is the best invention online search. Patent finder is one of the best apps to have installed because it comes with many features, it will search the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database for […]

Ferris Bueller iOS App: Challenging Quiz Game

Ferris Bueller iOS App- Challenging Quiz Game

So you think you know everything about ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ do you? If you think you know all the answers then you really need to check out this cool iOS app. This movie is fantastic and if you have not seen it go get it, many of you no doubt have seen it and […]

Aerosmith Steven Tyler Songs: iOS Lyrics Studio App

Aerosmith Steven Tyler Songs- iOS Lyrics Studio

Everyone loves a little bit of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and his songs so we thought we would let you know about the cool Aerosmith Lyrics Studio iOS app. The awesome Aerosmith Lyrics Studio has many features such as lyrics and videos of the band’s tracks, you can learn more about their best songs and […]