iPhone 6 Mini prospect being reported

iPhone 6 mini b

For some time many iPhone users had been hoping that it would step up to a larger display, and those people had their wishes fulfilled when Apple released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September. Even the smaller model of the two was notably larger than previous iPhones, but although the move to […]

iPhone Mini Lite designs for Apple consideration

iPhone Mini Lite designs for Apple consideration pic 1

The Apple design team are no doubt sitting back in comfy seats in the office coming up with new innovative ideas for the next iPhone, but we know for sure that they will not open and doors revealing what they are coming up with. The iPhone 5S is an almost guaranteed certainty, but as for […]

iPhone mini with iOS 8 for younger generation


Over recent months there has been a huge amount of interest in the upcoming iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and a much-rumored budget iPhone, all with iOS 7 due to release in fall. However, have you considered an iPhone mini? No, nor have we, but one designer has come up with a concept iPhone mini with […]

iPhone 6 & Mini design ideas that impress

iPhone 6 and Mini design ideas that impress

While next month we should see the new mobile operating system from Apple it is not thought that we will see a new smartphone until later in the year. It is widely believed we will just see the iPhone 5S that will be a minor refresh over the current model, but today we have the […]

Mini iPhone 5 look-a-like but 3.5-inch

Mini iPhone 5 look-a-like but 3.5-inch main pic

Apple will have a new line-up of devices this year and one that will be definite is the iPhone 5S, we cannot see it being anything else judging on past releases such as iPhone 4 to the 4S. Apple needs something new, a few little changes for its smartphone line so that they are affordable […]

iPhone Mini renderings mixes iOS 7 and styling

iPhone Mini renderings mixes iOS 7 and styling pic  main ic

There are a few whispers flying around on the great Web at the moment about the iPhone mini, of course we have to take this with a pinch of salt until official information if any comes to light. Even if no word on such a device get’s an official announcement, there is nothing stopping a […]

Low-price iPhone mini & larger version kicker

cheaper iphone

The latest smartphone offering from Apple despite criticism from some quarters remains hugely popular among consumers, but the Apple iPhone 5 remains out of reach financially for some would be purchasers, which for a few years now has led to talk that the company would eventually release a cheaper handset to the public, and we […]