iPhone 4S outbound audio calls issue surfaces

iPhone 4S outbound audio calls issue surfaces

With the iPhone 4 came the term “antennagate” due to the issues surrounding the antenna on the iOS smartphone, as I’m sure you all remember, and since Apple released the iPhone 4S this too has seen its fair share of issues such as the Sprint data speed problems and bad battery life issues that was […]

The Smartphone Bomb: Get Angry About iPhone Problems

The Smartphone Bomb- Get Angry About iPhone Problems

Ticked off about your Apple iPhone? Had many problems that are making you angry? How many times have you wanted to throw your smartphone across the room? There are many questions to ask and this is where you can let us know about your iPhone problems, saves us asking you individual questions about multiple issues […]

iPhone DST Problem: Are You Having Alarm Issues?

iPhone DST Problem- Are You Having Alarm Issues

Ever since the clocks went back over the weekend many Apple iPhone customers have experienced problems, the iPhone DST problem or bug is causing the smartphones alarms to fail across Europe. Switching from Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time is causing issues; we would love to know if you are having iPhone alarm problems. Apparently […]

iPhone 4 Password Security Unlock Warning: Stops Incoming Calls

iPhone 4 Password Security Unlock Warning- Stops Incoming Calls

Yesterday we reported a new security flaw within iPhone iOS 4.1 password security unlock, well now we have some more news for you that can stop incoming calls if you try this unlock. Your iPhone is on the password unlock screen and we mentioned that you do NOT need the password to access the iPhone’s […]

Facebook iPhone Problems: Is it crashing on you?

Facebook iPhone Problems- Is it crashing on you

Loads of emails seem to be coming surrounding the iPhone, this time round it is not reception issues nor WiFi network connection it is to do with Facebook. Once we received these emails we thought we would take a look over on TiPB to see if they have wrote anything about it and they did, […]