iPhone Forever program from Sprint promises latest iPhones


The carrier battles are heating up in the states, and we saw a number of companies change things up this month. The iPhone Forever program is one of Sprint’s latest promo’s and it’s a pretty cool one if you want the latest iPhone without having to jump through hoops.

PopSLATE iPhone e-ink case orders open up for $130

PopSlate E-ink

Way back in 2012, we covered an upcoming gadget called the PopSLATE. It was an e-ink case made for iPhone’s that found its way to Indiegogo, but never really panned out at the time. Fast forward to 2015, and we are finally getting to see the final product as the PopSLATE iPhone e-ink case has finally arrived with a $130 price tag.

Apple Force Touch display coming to the iPhone 6s Plus

Best Live blogs for Apple event

2015 may turn out to be the year of the “Plus” model, but Apple’s oversized handset will have something the others won’t. We know we’ll get a new iPhone later this year, and a new report suggests Apple will add a Force Touch display like the one found in the upcoming Apple Watch.

Flexible iPhone mini display plans revealed through Patent

flexible mini display

When it comes to smartphones, thin has definitely been in over the past couple of years. In 2015, curved displays are going to be the “next big thing” and Apple appears to be planning ahead. A new patent has just surfaced that shows the company may be working on a flexible iPhone display dubbed a Sidewall display.

Waterproof iPhone may soon be in the works

waterproof iphone patent

Waterproofing is something a lot of folks with Android handsets have come to enjoy over the past few years. A waterproof iPhone is something many Apple fans have been hoping to see, but has yet to show up. Well, a new patent shows Apple may have one in the works.

Add wireless charging to your iPhone with the Ampere Charging Sleeve

ampere charging sleeve

Wireless charging is still in its infancy, but we’ve already seen a number of ways to wirelessly charge your favorite gadgets. The tech is limited depending on your handset, but one company is opening things up a bit by giving you the ability to add wireless charging to the iPhone or a number of Samsung devices. It’s called the Ampere Charging Sleeve, and it has just begun its Kickstarter campaign.

Accessory of the Week: iPhone 6 Wallet by JimmyCASE

iphone 6 wallet

iPhone accessories are plentiful, and there are already dozens of iPhone 6 cases available to purchase. It’s hard to find something truly unique, but we’ve stumbled across just that with the iPhone 6 Wallet by jimmyCASE.

iOS 8 direct download links

iOS 8 preparation

iOS 8 has gone live today, and a lot of folks are probably checking their devices to see if the OTA has rolled out yet. If you’re looking to update to the latest version of iOS, and don’t want to wait, we’re going to tell you how to bring your Apple device up to date.

US legality to unlock an iPhone and Android phones

US legality unlocking smartphones

We have some really interesting news today for US readers who like to unlock their cell phones. In 2012 the Library of Congress ruled that it was illegal to unlock a cell phone without carrier permission. However, a law has now been passed by Congress concerning US legality to unlock an iPhone and Android phones. […]

Tweetbot for iPhone adds new Avenir font

tweetbot 3.3

Tweetbot was today updated for the first time since December of last year, the new update brings a few additional features in version 3.3. Joining the system font of Helvetica is an option to use Avenir, the new font can be located in the app settings. Additional features include toggles for image preview size (larger or disabled) and […]