Tweetbot for iPhone adds new Avenir font

tweetbot 3.3

Tweetbot was today updated for the first time since December of last year, the new update brings a few additional features in version 3.3. Joining the system font of Helvetica is an option to use Avenir, the new font can be located in the app settings. Additional features include toggles for image preview size (larger or disabled) and […]

Motorola feel iPhone is priced too high

iphone expense

Apple has long been criticised for the price of its hardware with many feeling that like a lot of branded products that you are just paying for the logo on the back of the device. There will be many that say you are paying a high price for a premium product, but Motorola believe that […]

Apple Back To School deals for Australia, NZ begin

apple back to school australia new zealand

There’s great news for some consumers in the southern hemisphere today as they will be waking up to find the Apple Back to School deals have begun for Australia and also New Zealand. We have further details of what’s on offer ahead. As you might expect Apple staggers the times of these promos to tally […]

Personalised iPhone case with photo, UK top picks


If you have an Apple iPhone you might really appreciate a case for it that’s a bit different to the many other cases available. Alternatively if you know someone with an iPhone a new case for it could be a good Christmas gift idea. Today we have news on personalised iPhone cases with photos, and […]

iPhone cookie prank amuses but backfires


From time to time we hear a story that makes us chuckle and today we want to share the iPhone cookie prank with you. This is fast doing the rounds and the idea really made us laugh. However, although the iPhone cookie prank amuses, it sadly backfired. It all stems from comedian Randy Liedtke who […]

New iPhone 6 idea brings the X factor


The Apple iPhone 6 is already generating a lot of interest and many people are hoping to see something a bit different as far as the design is concerned. This new iPhone 6 idea has the X factor, in that rather than a new look it concentrates more on the proportions of the handset. This […]

iPhone to HTC One transfer made easy


So many times we hear that iPhone users are going over to the HTC One, and some have even purchased the HTC smartphone but are now worried because they wish to transfer all their content. Today we have details for you about iPhone to HTC One transfer made easy. The iPhone 5S is a very […]

Apple to maintain iPhone price for India


At Phones Review we really appreciate our many readers in India, and today we have some favourable news about iPhone prices for the country. The recent plunge of the Indian rupee has led to some price rises in smartphones, with Samsung recently upping the cost of its devices. However, it seems that Apple is to […]

Apple iPhone trade-in program now launched


It’s surely no surprise that just ahead of the September 10 event for the iPhone 5S announcement, Apple has now launched its iPhone trade-in program. We heard about the possibility of a trade-in program some time ago, and Apple began the rollout of the scheme yesterday. Back in June we told of rumors that a […]

Liquipel skins for iPhone 4S, 5 and Galaxy S4


There is a huge accessories market for mobile devices, and we try to keep readers in the know about new ones that look particularly good. Today we have some details for you about Liquipel skins for iPhone 4S, 5 and Galaxy S4. These Skins have just been announced by Liquipel, a company that is already […]