Swissvoice launch ePure CH01 & CH05 for mobile phones

Swissvoice launch ePure CH01 & CH05 for mobile phones

Mobile phone accessory and DECT phone designer Swissvoice has now announced the launch two new additions to their ePure range of devices, the ePure CH01, and the ePure CH05 handsets, two handsets that connect to a mobile phone, tablet or PC, allowing for a more comfortable and stylish conversation. Both ePure handsets incorporate Swiss quality […]

iPhone JuiceBuddy a keychain sized charger

iPhone JuiceBuddy a keychain sized charger

Obviously just like most smartphone users, when you are out and about there could well be a time you need to charge your iPhone, and although there are numerous portable battery packs available to charge the iPhone there is a new iPhone charger coming to market that lays claim to being the world’s smallest and […]

TAKTIK iPhone case offers premium & radical experience


As well as bringing you all the news on latest smartphones and tablets we also like to give you details of some of the excellent accessories available for these devices. Today we have details of a new iPhone case dubbed the TAKTIK, a premium offering with what some might say is a cutting-edge look. This […]

Launch Center Pro iOS app is lightning quick


We enjoy keeping readers up-to-date with new apps, whether they be for practical use or for entertainment and today we have news of a new iOS app that looks as though it will be really popular, the Launch Center Pro app. You may have already heard of App Cubby’s Launch Center and Launch Center Pro […]

No sex please we’re Apple iPhone users


Here at Phones Review we not only like to keep readers informed about all the latest smartphones but we also like to bring you some more unusual news from time to time. Today’s snippet regards a survey about just how much iPhone owners appreciate their phones in which one of the answers suggests ‘No sex […]

Spotify delivers unlimited free radio to iOS

Spotify delivers unlimited free radio to iOS

Marking the first time Spotify has ventured into music discovering on mobile devices, Spotify has now announced Spotify Radio for the iOS platform that enables iOS users to stream music for free whereas previously only Spotify Premium subscribers could access the app at 9.99 bucks a month. According to the guys over at The Verge, […]

Apple Liquidmetal exclusivity extended

Apple Liquidmetal exclusivity extended

Back in August of 2010 Apple secured a two-year exclusivity deal over Liquidmetal tech, a technology that has been rumoured to surface in the next iOS smartphone, and Apple’s agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies expired back in February; however, word is Apple has now managed to secure exclusivity over the tech for a further two-years. According […]

US iPhone carriers compared with verdict from app results


Readers with good memories may remember that last month we brought news of a new iOS app designed to help users find the fastest US iPhone carrier for their area, AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. We told how this useful app could have the major carriers concerned and the results from initial use are in so […]

iPhone and iPad Haptic feedback to feel textures


There’s some interesting news today for Apple enthusiasts, as it seems that the company is considering using haptic touchscreen fingertip feedback on its iPhone and iPad devices. Haptic technology enables the user to feel textures when touching the screen and would give a more immersive and responsive feel to users. This is not the first […]

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 appears along with iPhone unlock


We have news today of two developments from AT&T that should please a lot of people. Firstly the Nokia Lumia 900, a much-awaited smartphone is now available from Ma Bell and in a double whammy of news we can tell you that AT&T off-contract iPhone owners can now request a carrier unlock for the phone. […]