Extra Apple iPhone 3G juice with Mophie Juice Pack


Having purchased your Apple iPhone 3G, maybe you haven’t suffered the case cracks or the failed MobileMe, maybe your iPhone 3G is working great, but how is the battery life? Does your Apple iPhone 3G battery keep draining when you used that power consuming 3G? If you are an iPhoner who is constantly on their […]

Jobs finally admits Apple made mistakes with MobileMe!


Well, well, seems Mr. Jobs is finally believing that everything Apple isn’t infallible! Apparently an internal email was dispatched by Steve Jobs to Apple employees admitting mistakes in the launch of Apple’s MobileMe. Hang on while I pick myself up off the floor! The word is, Jobs said in the email: “It was a mistake […]

Will iPhone 3G quality suffer as 800,000 are produced per week?


The demand for Apple iPhone 3G’s is always apparent as we keep hearing of supply shortages happening, but maybe the danger that could come about if Apple push the manufacturers for quicker replenishing, quality could become the next issue. Foxconn has apparently pushed up production of the Apple iPhone 3G, but a newspaper is intimating […]

Russia will be invaded by the Apple iPhone next year

russia iphone

Seems as if Red Square will be soon marching to the tune of the Apple iPhone 3G as word is Russia will gain the Apple iPhone 3G in 2009 according to a Moscow based director of Apple IMC, which is Apple’s official outlet in Russia. Apparently comrades will need to sign contract with a Russian […]

Apple is at it again another app pulled from App Store!


Just what the devil is going on at the Apple App Store? Apple quietly dumped Nullriver’s NetShare application last week, and then they put it back on, and low and behold it is now back off again. Well apparently, over the weekend Apple without any explanation or notice to the developer dropped another application from […]

Nullriver and Apple working to reinstate NetShare on App Store


There seems to be some problem with the NetShare application being at Apple’s App Store. NetShare is made by Nullriver and the application allows Apple iPhone users to share their iPhone’s 3G and EDGE internet connection though WiFi with their computer. I’m not too sure why the App Store keeps taking the Nullriver NetShare application […]

Has new iPhone 2.0.1 firmware update fixed bugs?


Just so everyone knows you can now visit iTunes where you can download the latest iPhone 2.0.1 firmware update. Many Apple iPhone users have been pretty annoyed after getting the last update because featured many bugs, we will let you know what this new firmware update is like a little later in the day. Many […]

Do you think an Apple iPhone Nano is really needed?


Yesterday I posted on the possibility of an Apple “iPhone nano” before Christmas; it does seem a valid rumour as it came from one of the major UK newspapers, but even if this rumour is true, is there really a call for an “iPhone nano”? Basically an “iPhone nano” would be a smaller compact version […]

App Store: Par 72 Golf Game available now for iPhone

If you like golf you will be happy to know that you can now have a brand new one for the Apple iPhone. Par 72 Golf is the very first golf game for the iPhone which is available now; this game has been developed by RESETgame. The Par 72 Golf game features three 18-hole golf […]

Apple iPhone cut/paste found in 2.1 OS & SDK frameworks

Good news for those waiting for the Cut & Paste feature for your Apple iPhone, Apple has so far failed to deliver the cut & paste feature to the iPhone 2.0 operating system, but all is not lost because it seems that Apple has been keeping a lid on things. It seems they were indeed […]