iPhone and iPad Haptic feedback to feel textures


There’s some interesting news today for Apple enthusiasts, as it seems that the company is considering using haptic touchscreen fingertip feedback on its iPhone and iPad devices. Haptic technology enables the user to feel textures when touching the screen and would give a more immersive and responsive feel to users. This is not the first […]

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 appears along with iPhone unlock


We have news today of two developments from AT&T that should please a lot of people. Firstly the Nokia Lumia 900, a much-awaited smartphone is now available from Ma Bell and in a double whammy of news we can tell you that AT&T off-contract iPhone owners can now request a carrier unlock for the phone. […]

More evidence of future iPhones to feature wireless charging

new apple patent

Earlier today we told you about the possibility of the iPhone 6 having an environmentally friendly battery, and it seems Apple is looking at a variety of new ways to power its mobile devices in years to come. Now we have news of more evidence of future iPhones that will feature wireless charging of the […]

To sell iPad 2 depends on iPad 3 price?


With Apple’s iPad 3 literally days away from being released, for some the need to upgrade to the latest device will mean that they will head to the queue at Apple stores up and down the country. Intrigued by the rumours surrounding the third generation tablet and its features, the allure is enough for some […]

Great Oscars 2012 Apps for iPhone & iPad


All the action for the 84th Academy Awards takes place tomorrow night, Sunday February 26 and millions of people around the world will be watching the ceremony unfold on TV. These days there are some really useful apps around for big events and we have some great apps to recommend for the iPhone and iPad […]

Apple Foxconn Fair Labor Association inspection underway

Apple Foxconn Fair Labor Association inspection underway

As you probably know there’s been a bit of a hoo-har over Apple fair labor practices recently with a petition running to get Apple to get their suppliers to change the way they treat their workers anf treat them more fairly, we reported on that fail labor petition previously which you can read (here). And […]

Path iOS app steals address book to help users: Update


A large majority of us use social media sites everyday, and with the technology of smartphones this has never been easier. Helping you along with your friends and family share what is going on in the world, apps like Path and Instagram, give you a smart journal to store clips, pictures and videos.

iPhone photography course launched at London college

iPhone photography course launched at London college

As you in the United Kingdom and struggling with snapping photos with your iPhone, if so help is at hand as the word is the Kensington and Chelsea College London has now launched the United Kingdom’s first iPhone photography evening course that is devoted to taking better pictures with your iOS smartphone. According to the […]

Steam mobile app for Android & iOS: Gamers delight

Steam mobile app for Android & iOS: Gamers delight

For the Android and iOS gamer out there, that use the Steam network you can now keep tabs on the network via your iPhone and Android smartphone because Steam has now release their mobile app for download for the service’s 40 million global gamers. Steam for Android and iOS enables the gamer to chat with […]

Cross-platform BBM possibilities: Android or iPhone?


Gone are the days of the big ‘brick like’ mobile phones that only gave us a small handful of features, with the replacement of slim lightweight handsets with dual-core processors, cameras, social networking features and of course the benefit of being able to text a variety of people.