The Xiaomi Mi4 heads to Italy in August

Xiaomi Mi4

The Xiaomi Mi4 was unveiled as the company’s new flagship earlier in the week, but details on availability have been light – until now. We’ve learned that the Mi4 will indeed leave it’s homeland, and one of its first stops will be Italy.

Nexus 4 chronicles continue for Italy

Nexus 4 chronicles continue, Italy not distributing

We’ve been giving readers plenty of information about the Google Nexus 4 smartphone made by LG. This is in huge demand but supplies are very scarce and only yesterday we detailed how difficult it was to get hold of it. However although we discussed short supplies in the US and the UK it seems the […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Italy price and status

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Italy price and status

Over here in the United Kingdom you can already get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, whilst the Android 4.1 handset is releasing in other European countries this month, and it appears that Italy will soon be able to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 2 as well. According to an article […]

Rome Bus Driver Uses 2 Mobile Phones Whilst Driving: Video

Rome Bus Driver Uses 2 Mobile Phones Whilst Driving: Video

We all know that using a mobile phone whilst at the wheel of a vehicle is dangerous, but it appears that for one Italian bus driver using one mobile phone when in control of a bus isn’t quite enough, so the driver actually uses two. We have for your consideration below a video of this […]

Belgium to gain unlocked Apple 3G iPhone

Apple 3G iPhone

The rumour was that Italy would gain the next-gen Apple iPhone without carrier-lock or contract, well now it appears there is another rumour that the next destination to gain an unlocked Apple 3G iPhone could well be Belgium. Apple appear to be open to differing business models for their iPhone and it looks like Apple […]

Verizon and Vodafone gain remix of 4 minutes by Madonna

4 minutes

An announcement has come from Vodafone and Verizon that they have teamed with Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timberland to bring their users the mobile underground remix of Madonna’s debut release 4 Minutes which is taken from Madonna’s soon to be released album Hard Candy. As of today the underground version will be available to Verizon […]

O2 UK gets Napster Mobile via Ericsson

O2 UK gets Napster

Napster and Ericsson announced recently the biggest European hosting contract for Napster Mobile with O2 UK. O2 UK customers can now browse, search, preview, and buy complete tracks from the 5 million tracks within Napster’s catalogue, and now thanks to dual delivery will be able to play them on both PC and mobile handset. If […]

Yahoo takes Yahoo Go 3.0 to Europe and announce onePlace


Yahoo announced yesterday their onePlace, “a revolutionary mobile content management solution,” to enable consumers to “better manage the wide selection of content available across the Internet.” This idea is hopefully to supply a central point from which users can access all favourite content, dynamic or static. onePlace includes features which allow centralised and open content […]

Readius e-ink phone from Polymer Vision coming mid 2008 in Italy

The picture of the Polymer Vision e-ink phone looks awesome, but what is better it is coming to life mid 2008 but the only downside is Italy is getting it and we are not (Yet). So it seemed pretty clear back in December 2007 that Polymer Vision was not going to give us the timetable […]