The Klikr replaces Universal Remotes with your Smartphone

Klikr Kickstarter

Universal remotes were a pretty big deal when they first broke onto the scene as we’ve all lost our share of remote controls. Smartphones can control a number of gadgets, but as good as the tech is, the options are still limited. If you’d like to be able to use your smartphone as a hub for your remote control gadgets, there’s a gadget on Kickstarter you’ll want to check out called Klikr.

The Siam 7X heads to Kickstarter with a rear E-ink display

Siam 7X Smartphone

YotaPhone kicked off the whole E-ink display craze, and while it hasn’t taken off like curved edges, we have seen a few contenders. The Siam 7X smartphone is set to be one of the latest, and it has just arrived on Kickstarter looking for funding.

Pre-orders open up for the Nextbit Robin smartphone

nextbit phone

Some folks love to work and play in the cloud, while others prefer lots of built-in storage. The Nextbit Robin is a cloud-based smartphone solution, and after wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign, pre-orders have opened up to the masses.

The BLOCKS Modular smartwatch fires up its Kickstarter campaign on October 13

Blocks modular Smartwatch

If you’re still waiting on Project Ara to arrive, we have another modular concept to keep you busy. The BLOCKS Modular smartwatch is gearing up for its Kickstarter campaign, and you’ll be able to reserve one beginning on October 13th.

The Helix Wearable Cuff does away with tangled headphones

Helix Wearable Cuff

Wearables are still in their infancy, but we’ve seen some wild designs thus far. Kickstarter is home to many of them, and the Helix Wearable Cuff has recently joined their ranks as a new mobile accessory.

The Ubik Uno heads to Kickstarter with thin bezels and flagship specs

ubik uno smartphone

It seems like several companies are following the path set by OnePlus last year. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the Ubik Uno has just arrived on Kickstarter as the latest “Flagship Killer” in town.

The Janus One Kickstarter puts an interesting spin on the Smartphone

janus one

Dozens of smartphone accessories grind their way through crowdfunding sites each month, and occasionally we even get a handset. The Janus One isn’t your typical cellular device, but it has some interesting features and is only a bit larger than a credit card.

The Remix Mini will bring Android to the Desktop for $30

Jide Remix Mini

You can find the Android OS or a forked version of it in many places, but the desktop usually isn’t one of them. Jide hopes to change that, and the Remix Mini looks to bring Android to desktops at an insanely low price.

The Nikola Phone Case uses RF signals for charging

nikola phone case

Hundreds of gadgets have come through Kickstarter offering up different ways to charge up your smartphone. The Nikola Phone Case is one of the latest, but the way it will provide you with power is truly unique.

The BETTER RE Power Pack provides juice from old smartphone batteries

Better RE Power Pack Kickstarter

Unless you just purchased your very first smartphone, there’s a chance you’ve probably burned through a battery or two as a handset owner. If you have a drawer full of old smartphone batteries lying around or dig cool mobile accessories, you might want to take a look at gadget called the BETTER RE Power Pack.