BlackBerry 10 official launch event January 30th

BlackBerry 10 official launch event January 30th

If you happen to still be faithful to the BlackBerry platform, you will no doubt be waiting for Research In Motion to deliver their upcoming BlackBerry 10 saviour devices. All RIM has said in the past is that BlackBerry 10 would be coming in 2013, well now we know just when the Canadian company will […]

iPad 3 launch, indications?


Major technology events will take place in 2012, the first that has been and gone was that of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with the next being the Mobile World Congress (MWC). Putting just those events to one side with their new forthcoming products, many are waiting in baited breath for the announcement and official […]

iPhone 5 For Sprint: First 2 Weeks Oct Blackout

iPhone 5 For Sprint: First 2 Weeks Oct Blackout

October draws closer and with it comes the expected release of the next generation iPhone judging by all the recent rumours, and one of those rumours is that Sprint will finally offer the iOS smartphone in the form of the iPhone 5 and or possible a lover priced model. According to an article over on […]

BlackBerry Monaco Touch Photo and Possible Launch


For all you BlackBerry lovers out there, we have the latest news surrounding the BlackBerry Monaco Touch. By way of the guys at The Tech Herald, we are now able to provide you with a pre-launch photograph of the BlackBerry Monaco Touch, prior to the hype surrounding the phone’s unveiling at the BlackBerry World Conference […]

New launch Liberty SIM package comes without Virgin mobile phone

Virgin have decided to dump the offer of a mobile phone with the new Liberty SIM contract, this basically means they will be cutting out the mobile phone from their mobile contracts with the new launch of the Liberty SIM package. To break this down in simple terms what they are basically doing is the […]

Samsung P960 mobile TV handsets to be launched in Taiwan

Plans have been announced by Samsung Electronics that they will be introducing their DVB-H enabled mobile handset on to the Taiwan market, it will be known as the P960. It has been said by Ryu Jae Hyun who is the director of mobile communications at Samsung that the launch schedule will be announced later. In […]

Telus getting BlackBerry Curve & Samsung U720, U720 what is this?


The BlackBerry 8130 and the 8830 is already on the Telus site so the next best move for them is to have a new launch, this will be the recently spotted CDMA BlackBerry Curve. So Telus you are stepping it up a notch hey, the people over at HowardForums got a shot of the Telus […]

Apple iPhone launching in Ireland on March 14th with O2: both work with PC & Mac

apple iphone launching in ireland

The Apple iPhone which was launched in the UK exclusively with O2 and now O2 who are the exclusive carriers of this handset will launch it Ireland on March 14th. Oh yes the Apple iPhone debuts in Ireland which will be sold in Ireland through O2 retail stores, you will also be able to get […]

Apple iPhone 16GB Update: Will launch in UK at 1:30pm

Apple iPhone 16GB Update

Apple iPhone 16GB Update just in says that O2 staff have just been notified of the Apple iPhone 16GB and that the launch will be at 1:30pm UK time today with a price tag of £329. If this is all true then all good, but I personally know people that work with O2 and I […]

LG KF510 slider phone just announced, initial launch in March 2008

LG KF510

LG have just announced the brand new release of their new slider phone called the LG KF510, with this phone just announced and with an initial launch in March 2008 will we see good things. The LG KF510 mobile phone will be shown on display at the 3GSM Mobile World Congress 2008 event in Barcelona, […]