LG G4 event set for April 28

lg g4 invite

The LG G4 has put the rumor mill into overdrive over the past few weeks, and today it looks like things have finally come to a head. We wanted to hear something official from LG in regards to their new flagship, and we just got it with an interesting looking invite for an event set on April 28.

Photos emerge to show the rumored LG G4 Stylus

LG G4 Stylus

About a week ago, some photos surfaced over on XDA that showed a device rumored to be the LG G4. We had our doubts, so we steered clear of the device, but now new information has come to light that give us an idea of what it is. Ready to meet the LG G4 Stylus?

LG G4 release date rumored to fall towards the end of April


Samsung and HTC have had their time in the spotlight, but many have wondered when we would see the LG G4 release arrive. A new report out of Korea suggests it may be right around the corner, and we might get to meet the LG G4 at the end of next month.

LG has completed work on a Transparent Display prototype

LG transparent display

Earlier today we touched on a rumor that said Samsung was gearing up to roll out Foldable Displays next year. Apparently, they aren’t the only one with some interesting display plans next year as LG is putting the final touches on their transparent display tech.

LG G4 Note tipped to sport new metal build

LG Logo

Remember when a 5.2-inch screen was considered large? When LG unleashed the G3, some were put off by its size initially, but the company may go even bigger with the LG G4 Note this year. It’s not the first time the device has crossed our radars, and a new report suggests LG is going the premium route with the LG G4 Note design.

LG AKA release gearing up to go Global


Late last year, we told you about a funky new phone from LG called the LG AKA. At the time, we thought it would never leave its homeland, but a wider LG AKA release is coming to take the unique smartphone global.

Nexus 7 produced by LG may be in the works

New 2015 Nexus phone

We love a good rumor as much as the next site, but today’s juice tidbit is something that’s been hinted at before. It’s safe to say folks are looking forward to a new Nexus this year, and a rumor out of Korea suggests LG may be the company behind the upcoming Nexus 7.

LG G Note Phablet could have a curved 3K display

LG G4 stylus

Now that we all know what Samsung and HTC’s new flagships look like, a lot of attention has turned to LG and Sony. We know both companies are gearing up for major debuts, but one handset’s potential variant has gotten our attention. There may be a bigger version of the LG G4 this year, and it could have the sharpest display on the market.

Mysterious LG phablet clears the FCC headed for Sprint

LG G4 stylus

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of a device believed to be the LG G4 this week, but everyone knows LG has numerous smartphones planned for 2015. One of them has just passed through FCC certification, and it’s going to be a bit bigger than last year’s G3.

LG G4 renders get up close and personal


This morning, we told you about a new render making the rounds that showed the backside of an upcoming flagship. That handset was the LG G4, and now another round of renders have surfaced showing the device from the front.