LG F60 specs announced, release Imminent

LG F60

LG has had a busy 2014, and they still have a few unannounced devices set to roll out. One of those is the LG F60, and while we don’t have a price, today we learned the LG F60 specs.

The LG VC-100 is an unannounced CDMA Smartwatch


Wearables are slowly starting to creep into the mainstream, and we’ve seen numerous smartwatches released this year. LG was one of the first, and last month they announced a second device with the LG G Watch R. That smartwatch isn’t out yet, and we’re already looking at a third wearable from the company with a new CDMA LG smartwatch.

Upcoming LG G Pro 3 phablet to be powered by LG’s own ODIN chip?

LG G Pro 2

Samsung and LG are not only competitors on the global market, but the two companies are based in the same country, making the fierce competitors in South Korea. Needless to say that when Samsung took a bold step and introduced the Galaxy Note to the world —  a bold concept initially frowned upon by many, […]

iPhone 6 bendgate targeted by LG USA Mobile

Apple Bendgate

You may have seen a few of the countless iPhone 6 “testing” videos that show the device being put through the wringer. One of the new iPhone issues being reporting around the net has to do with iPhone 6 bending problem, and now LG is taking a jab at the company in what’s being referred to as the iPhone 6 bendgate.

Is there a high-powered LG G3 Pro in the works?

LG G3 Pro

Yesterday an interesting rumor hit the web involving LG. The rumors touched on a new smartphone in the works, and it’s apparently another version of the popular LG G3. It’s not a dumbed down version of the flagship either, and it goes by the name of the LG G3 Pro.

LG G Flex 2 in the works, said to arrive before years end


Flexible displays that can truly bend are still a ways off, but LG and Samsung showed us what was possible with the Samsung Round and LG G Flex. According to a new report, the latter has a follow-up in the works and the LG G Flex 2 is set to arrive sometime this year.

LG G Watch R price revealed and release date tipped for October 14

LG G Watch R

LG unveiled the LG G Watch R ahead of IFA, and we were able to learn the specs just last week. The G Watch R price was unknown, but today a new report from a reputable source has seemingly confirmed the LG G Watch R release date and price.

LG announces the Circular G Watch R

LG G Watch R

That was fast. Just a few days ago, we showed you a teaser from LG’s new smartwatch that’s set for IFA. It looks like they didn’t want to wait as they company has just unveiled the G Watch R.

LG Gx2 launched with 5.7-inch display and Laser Focus

LG Gx2

Smartphone manufacturers aren’t too imaginative when it comes to naming new devices as witnessed by all the Galaxy S and LG G variants. You can now add another one to the list, but it isn’t Samsung this time around as LG has announced the LG Gx2 for Asia.

LG launching the 5.2-inch LG G3 A in South Korea


LG has turned into the new Samsung as the company has gone variant crazy. We just found out about the LG G3 Stylus, and now the company is launching another variant of their flagship with the LG G3 A.