LG G4 renders get up close and personal


This morning, we told you about a new render making the rounds that showed the backside of an upcoming flagship. That handset was the LG G4, and now another round of renders have surfaced showing the device from the front.

LG rumored to produce a new Flagship Series for 2015

LG G4 stylus

We knew LG wouldn’t bring the LG G4 to MWC 2015 this year, and now an interesting rumor out of Korea says the company may have huge plans later this year. The LG G4 is still in the works, but the company is said to roll out another premium series that will outdo last year’s popular flagship.

Huawei Nexus 2015 device may be in the works

Nexus Logo Blue

It’s early in the year, but we’ve already covered a lot of ground in the smartphone department. That said, there are several devices we haven’t discussed often like the upcoming iPhone 7 or this year’s lineup of Nexus devices. We are going to talk about the latter for the second time in as many days as a new Nexus 2015 rumor has hit the net.

LG Watch Urbane LTE is announced for MWC

LG Watch Urbane LTE

The LG Watch Urbane LTE has just been announced ahead of MWC 2015, and if the name sounds familiar it’s because we just learned about the original Urbane last week. The LTE variant was another wearable we didn’t see coming, and it may be LG’s answer to the Gear Solo.

LG G Flex 2 release date set for March 13 on Sprint

LG G Flex 2 vs LG G3 a

The LG G Flex was the first “cool” curved device we’ve seen, and everyone knew there would be a sequel in time. That time has arrived if you live in the United States as Sprint is gearing up for pre-orders on the LG G Flex 2 release.

LG Watch Urbane price may have arrived early

LG Watch Urbane

It’s not unusual to see retailers put up product pages for new gadgets before they launch, and sometimes they even leak a bit of information. While we don’t know how accurate this one will turn out to be, the LG Watch Urbane price may have just been revealed.

LG Watch Urbane set to give the Apple Watch a run for its money

LG Watch Urbane

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about smartwatches square, round, and curved. LG was the first manufacturer to make a truly circular smartwatch, and they are gearing up to launch a new one that makes the original G Watch R look cheap. The LG Watch Urbane is coming to MWC, and it’s going to give the Apple Watch a serious run for its money.

LG gets into the Virtual Reality game with VR for G3

VR for G3

Virtual Reality has kind of become a big deal lately, and that’s partly due to mobile VR on devices like the Gear VR and similar setups like Google Cardboard. If you’re still not convinced VR is coming to take over our lives maybe VR for G3 will convince you.

LG Y70 specs reveal Lollipop 5.0 and 4.7-inch display

LG G4 stylus

LG has produced several handsets in its mid-range L series, and the last time we took a look at the lineup it was with the LG L90 and L70 Dual’s that were bound for India. A new device that may fall into that lineup has just been revealed, and it’s known as the LG Y70.

LG Spray 402LG specs and price announced

LG Spray 402LG

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung is king in terms of cranking out handsets, but LG isn’t too far behind. The company has let loose a steady stream of smartphones over the past few years, and you can now add another to that list as Y! Mobile has announced the colorful, yet oddly named LG Spray 402LG.