Weak Siri and Apple Maps for Mac OS X 10.9

Weak Siri and Apple Maps for Mac OS X 10 main pic

No we do not want to crap on Apple users parade, but to be realistic we all know that Siri and Apple Maps are weak at the moment, there is no denying that. iPhones and iPads are very good products there is no doubting this but to say Siri and Maps on these devices are […]

Absinthe jailbreak update for Mac: fixes two problems


Just this morning, we gave you news that the Absinthe jailbreak tool once available for Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2, is now available for Windows, in the form of the A5 jailbreak. Click here for more details. Adding to this, we now wanted to fill you in with news that the Mac version has […]

Unlimited tethering via iTether app, Apple may pull


There may be a percentage of you already out there, who pay a premium for having smartphone tethering, when we talk about this, what we actually mean is the benefit of having accessibility to the Internet on your laptop no matter where you are with coverage from your smartphone device.

Apple iOS 4.2 Problem: AirPrint Support Dropped

Apple iOS 4.2 Problem- AirPrint Support Dropped

The latest rumor to hit the web is about AirPrint support for printers, apparently Apple has dropped/cancelled it due to problems, not good news for those waiting on the new iOS 4.2 update coming soon. According to Macstories AirPrint support for printers shared through Windows and Macs has been cancelled, it has been taken off […]

Windows Phone 7 Companion App: Connector for Mac Download

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac

The new Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac is now at public beta stage and ready for you to download, this is the part where we ask you to send in your personal reviews once you have downloaded. The new Windows Phone 7 Connector allows you to sync videos, podcasts, music and photos from iTunes […]

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac: Welcome Sheet Screenshot


There are some of you out there that have literally been dribbling over the screenshots of Desktop Manager for Mac since the announcement in June. Want some nice fresh eye candy? Of course you do, although it doesn’t really seem that there is much if anything new going on. The newish if you like feature […]

MobileMe Compatibility Problems: Should customers get Refunds?

It seems whilst Apple is moving their .Mac customers across to the cross-platform MobileMe web suite services there are things happening that should not be happening. There are apparently many compatibility problems that are coming to the surface and customers are demanding refunds for the troubles, they want refunds for those particular days when the […]

Mac users can manage notes with iPhoneNotes


Yes now Mac users can manage their notes on their Apple iPhone thanks to iPhoneNotes, a Mac application which allows the editing of their Notes on their handset. Although this isn’t the first application which allowed such a thing, MegaPhone, also known as iPhoneGrive also does the job, but unlike iPhoneNotes isn’t available as a […]

Apple iPhone to get handwriting recognition software: same technology from Mac OS X

Apple iPhone to get handwriting recognition software: same technology from Mac OS X

If rumors are true then it looks as though the handwriting recognition software that is already used on Mac OS X could make its way to the Apple iPhone. Apple is now in the process of looking for a person to help extend the Mac technology so that it can be used on their handset. […]

APIs to work with Apple iPhone from Google

iPhone from Google

Apple and Google the joining of two giants in mobile and internet continuing their work in harmony. So now Google has just released a set of APIs in their GData Objective-C Client Library which allows iPhone developers to use Apple APIs alongside Goole APIs in the iPhone. All apps written in Odjective-C should be able […]