Microsoft Office Mobile for Android & iOS, its real


Readers with very long memories may recall that around a year ago we first brought news that a Microsoft Office app would be coming to iOS devices. All went rather quiet for a while and then in May this year we heard that Microsoft Office apps were likely to arrive in November for both iOS […]

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Promo Video

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Promo Video

For your viewing pleasure today we have a video promo of Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 that delivers an overview of the usability of Office Mobile 2010 on your Windows Phone and bringing your office data into the mobile arena. The Office Mobile 2010 promo video comes to us courtesy of Surur over at wmpoweruser and […]

Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Beta Available: Worldwide for WinMo 6.5


Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 has now hit beta stage and is available for WinMo 6.5 worldwide; this is fantastic news for all those who love Microsoft Office Mobile. The all new Office Mobile 2010 beta will make things a whole lot easier, making the experience across PC, Browser and phone a reality, the new Office […]