No smaller Windows tablet to take on iPad mini

No smaller Windows tablet to take on iPad mini

The smaller tablet space is dominated by Android tablets at the moment, and Apple decided they wanted their share of the smaller tablet market, and is delivering the Apple iPad mini to grab that market share, but it appears when it come to Microsoft and their tablets, they are not that bothered about the smaller […]

Microsoft Windows 8 event live stream & worldwide times


Many of you will no doubt have heard that today, October 25, is when the big Microsoft event for the unleashing of Windows 8 is being held. It starts in just a few hours time in New York and the event will carry on for most of the day. There will be a Microsoft Windows […]

Microsoft Surface smartphone, would bring happiness

Microsoft Surface smartphone, would bring happiness

Microsoft is trying to grab a nice slice of the tablet space with their Surface tablet, which is all well and good, but there have been mutterings in the past that Microsoft might possibly be contemplating stepping into the smartphone arena by producing their own Surface smartphone, and previously Nokia’s chief has said he hadn’t […]

Microsoft Surface Tablet in wonderful video promotion


Several months ago we started bringing readers details of an upcoming Microsoft tablet with two variants that are set to be released on October 26, the Windows RT Surface and the Windows 8 Pro Surface. We are now very close to launch and the anticipation for the Microsoft Surface tablet is building up nicely so […]

WP8 Juggernaut Alpha possibly being tested by Microsoft

WP8 Juggernaut Alpha possibly being tested by Microsoft

There is some speculation that Microsoft will one day deliver their own Windows Phone 8 smartphone to the mobile space, albeit Microsoft’s CEO Stephen Elop stating the firm wont be putting out a Microsoft branded handset. But there does seem to be some evidence to the contrary pointing towards Microsoft possible delivering a Surface smartphone […]

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 for China 3rd week of December


It’s no secret that China has a hugely fast-growing smartphone market and more and more manufacturers are catching on to the vast potential for sales that this creates. In the past it may have been the case that launching phones in China was a far lower priority than for other regions for some producers. However […]

Windows Phone Store opens its doors,SDK rolls out

new windows phone store

Microsoft is currently working hard in readiness for the launch of its latest operating system that it hopes will help the company gain users that may defect from rival platforms. It is widely believed that Windows Phone 8 is only a matter of weeks away from being released, and we now have news that the […]

Nokia Microsoft WP 8 Event Worldwide Times & Cheeky Pic

nokia jelly bean event

In just over 30 minutes the doors will open for the Nokia Microsoft WP 8 event, and at 3pm UK time the event will kick off with some amazing announcements. We thought we would quickly update you with the worldwide times so you know exactly when to be here with Phones Reviews so we can […]

Nokia Microsoft Windows Phone Event Live Blogs 3pm UK


Many of you will already have heard about the Nokia Microsoft Windows Phone event due to take place today, September 5. It all kicks off at 3:00 pm UK time with much of the live coverage starting from 2:30 pm and if you want to follow all the developments while it’s happening we have some […]

Microsoft Nokia Windows Phone 8 September 5 event countdown

Microsoft Nokia Windows Phone 8 September 5 event countdown

While Apple and various companies that make Android hardware continue to battle it out in various court rooms around the world, Microsoft are getting ready to launch the latest version of the Windows Phone operating system, which it hopes will help it gain more ground on its rivals. We are now counting down to the […]