Microsoft gearing up to release a new Surface Tablet

Microsoft Lumia 640 spot

We haven’t talked about Microsoft’s Surface tablet in a while, and that’s because there hasn’t been much to say. The majority of the planet saw the Surface Pro 3 released in August of last year, but we never got a mini or a Surface 2. If a new rumor pans out, the company has been quite, but not unproductive as we may soon see the follow-up to the Surface 2.

Microsoft Band UK release slated for April 15

microsoft smartband

Looking for a fitness tracker that doesn’t run Android Wear and won’t break the bank? The Microsoft Band is a fine choice, but it’s been rather hard to get sine it was initially announced last year. If you were left out in the cold the first time around, prepare to be pleased as the Microsoft Band release is expanding to the UK starting on April 15th.

The Nokia 215 Dual SIM comes to India for Rs. 2,149


Believe it or not, some folks actually prefer uncomplicated smartphones that can just handle the basics. Not everyone plays high-end mobile games, and how important is a fingerprint scanner or QHD when it comes simply making a phone call? If you don’t need all the bells & whistles, you may be interested in the Nokia 215 Dual SIM and its rock bottom price tag of Rs. 2,149.

Nokia Lumia 520 sale brings the handset to eBay for $29

Xiaomi Redmi 1S vs Nokia Lumia 520 b

To call the budget friendly Nokia Lumia 520 popular would be an understatement. The phone has sold well globally, and the cheap little handset just got a whole lot cheaper. There’s a new Nokia Lumia 520 sale going on, and the price has dropped lower than we’ve ever seen it.

MIcrosoft Wireless Charging Plate DT-903 available in the US

Wireless Charging Plate

At the 2014 International Radio Show (IFA) in Berlin, Nokia (Microsoft) has announced the DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate for Lumia phones equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Aside from being just a simple charger, the DT-903 Wireless Charging Plate also offers neat ‘ambient’ light notifications. If you phone is low on battery, or if you have a […]

Microsoft may soon unveil a Windows 10 laptop-phone hybrid

microsoft logo

Microsoft is set to show off Windows 10 tomorrow, and it’s safe to say that it is a pretty big day for the company. We already have a good idea of what to expect from Windows 10, but a new report suggests the company will show off some interesting hardware as well.

Microsoft Band availability listed as Out of Stock until 2015

microsoft band

We were hit with a slew of smartwatches and wearables in the latter half of the year, and the Microsoft Band was one of them. Nobody was sure exactly how well it would do when it hit the streets, and it hasn’t been easy to obtain either. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Band availability is not going to improve this calendar year.

The Microsoft Lumia 435 pays a visit to the FCC

microsoft logo

The Lumia range has generally been popular, and it looks like we’ve got a new device from that lineup headed our way. It’s called the Microsoft Lumia 435, and it has recently made a trip though the hallowed halls of the FCC.

Microsoft Lumia 635 sale cuts price to $129 for 12 Days of Deals Promo

microsoft lumia 635

The Microsoft Lumia 635 has been out since the summer, and it’s proved to be a popular handset amongst those looking for a mid-ranger. It wasn’t expensive to begin with, but it has just gotten a whole lot cheaper for one day thanks to the Microsoft 12 Days of Deals Promo.

Microsoft Lumia 1030 aka McLaren leaks again

Lumia 1030

The Microsoft Lumia 1030 (also referred to as the McLaren), was supposed to be the follow-up to the flagship Nokia Lumia 1020. The 1020 was the first flagship Lumia phone to carry the PureView technology that Nokia introduced with the Nokia 808 PureView, and, given the codename (Lumia 1030, as well as the leaked images […]