iOS 6.1.2 released without substantial changes

iOS 6.1.2 released without substantial changes

Yesterday Apple released it’s new iOS 6.1.2 and it comes without substantial changes, this update is to merely fix the Microsoft Exchange calendar and apparently the Passcode Bug, which many of our friends and sources came forward and said it does not fix the Passcode Bug but does sort the Exchange problem. The Exchange bug […]

iOS 6.1 Exchange Calendar bug update and prevention help

iOS 6.1 Exchange Calendar

Not so long ago Apple released its new iOS 6.1 update to sort a few issues out, but one that needs addressing is the battery problem occurring after the AOL Exchange server glitch, as well as the Exchange Calendar bug. The good news is Apple is on the ball and the new update is imminent. […]

LG Optimus Prime vs Microsoft Surface Phone, Concept Ideas


The majority of articles we bring you are about new or upcoming smartphones and tablets but every now and then we like to look at concept phones. These LG Optimus Prime and Microsoft Surface Phone concepts will not be available for sale but many concepts have been cleverly designed and show real innovation and give […]

Microsoft Surface Pro release date, prices and where to buy


We’ve been keeping readers informed about the Microsoft Surface tablets for some time. Back in October the lesser option, the Microsoft Surface RT, was launched but it’s fair to say that it has failed to take off so far. However some consumers may have been waiting to get their hands on the Surface Pro tablet […]

Windows Phone UK market share increasing still behind rivals

windows phone uk

The smartphone market is currently being dominated by Apple and Google with rival offerings trying to play catch up, or in RIM’s case losing numbers all the time. Late last year Microsoft launched its latest mobile operating system with a range of hardware to offer a more tempting alternative to consumers, and now it seems […]

Pre-order pricey 10.1-inch KUPA Ultranote X15 Windows 8 Tablet

Kupa tablet

Since it was launched late last year we are beginning to see more products running the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. In a similar way to the Android platform we are seeing products being launched by a number of companies that may not be as well known as others, and today we have news […]

Microsoft Surface Phone should ditch the concept

surface concept

Towards the end of last year Microsoft treated the world to its latest PC and mobile operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. With this the company also launched the Microsoft Surface tablet PC that also came with a cover that doubled as a physical QWERTY keyboard. Since then there have been a number […]

Pod2g iOS campaign and now Windows RT jailbreak

iOS pog

Jailbreaking wise the iOS 6 untethered exploit for the likes of the Apple iPhone 5 has been grabbing all the headlines in the last few weeks and months, but this sort of process is obviously not just reserved for the iOS platform, as today we have news of the Pod2g iOS campaign along with a […]

Windows Phone 8 still rebooting & freezing after update

WP8 update problems

The new Windows Phone 8 operating system has only been with us for a couple of months now and early adopters to the platform have largely given it the thumbs up. At the moment there are only a handful of handsets available especially when compared to rival Android, but there have been some issues with […]

Surface smartphone could be next on the agenda for Microsoft

Surface smartphone could be next on the agenda for Microsoft

Microsoft has put everything it has into the release of Windows 8 and its accompanying mobile platform Windows Phone 8, and the project has been highlighted as the biggest redesign in Microsoft’s history. Windows Phone 8 is supported by an impressive line-up of new devices which will run the new software, including the HTC 8X […]