30 Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones to launch before year is out


Apparently before the end of the year more than 30 smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.5 from 15 mobile phone vendors will be launched states the senior director of GCR Mobile Team Unit at Microsoft China, reports digitimes. Mobile phone vendors who have shown support for Windows Mobile 6.5 include the likes of Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, […]

Rumour: Microsoft phones codenamed Turtle and Pure coming

Rumour: Microsoft phones codenamed Turtle and Pure coming

Apparently the net waves are rife with a rumour that Microsoft is gearing up to launch 2 new mobile phones to compete against the iconic iPhone. The phones will be known as the Turtle and the Pure and word has it they will surface early next year reports 9to5mac. Obviously any info is scarce as […]

OneApp from Microsoft: comprehensive framework delivers apps for feature-phones


We can see here that Microsoft’s mobile strategy is not limited to Windows Mobile. OneApp has just been announced by Redmond. A complete framework for delivering apps on a range of feature phones largely in emerging markets. This solution deployed jointly will work to offload application processing into the cloud thus keeping on mobile phone […]

Microsoft say that Windows Mobile devs apps are worth more


Mobile app developers get ready because Microsoft is gearing up to hold the first ever in the series of “dev camps” ready for the launch of the Microsoft Windows Markerplace for Mobile sometime this fall. A Microsoft message for the app developers says don’t be shy when it comes to pricing a premium application. RIM […]

Microsoft wants developers who have been rejected by Apple

Microsoft wants developers who have been rejected by Apple

Mobile applications is big business and Microsoft wants some of that and so is recruiting mobile app developers for the forthcoming Windows Mobile Marketplace For Mobile, and the word is they are targeting developers who have experienced problems with Apple’s iPhone app approval process reports crn.com. Microsoft has launched their Race To Market Challenge contest […]

Mobile Software: Microsoft Word in USA is banned


Seattle PI has reported a Texas judge has ordered Microsoft to close down all sales of their word processor in the US, they have 60 days to do so. There was a patent dispute between Microsoft and Canadian software company i4i the caused the injunction on the topic of how Word handles XML files. i4i […]

Microsoft Zune HD: Reserve now from $220


Excited about the new Microsoft Zune HD? Well good news for you as online you can reserve yours from today. Visit Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or of course the Microsoft store in anticipation of the September launch date. You can also visit Zune.net/zunehd to find the direct links to retailers and to have a more […]

Microsoft and Nokia combine for Office on handsets


Well, its not quite the news that we were all hoping for following the conference yesterday between Microsoft and Nokia. They discussed the co-developing of exciting smartphones, along with unveiling of Nokia’s first netbook and Microsoft announced a version of Microsoft Office for Symbian. This is hardly groundbreaking stuff, and Microsoft’s official Nokia support won’t […]

Microsoft Windows Mobile 7: Will multitouch shine through?


Windows Mobile 6.5 was nifty enough in itself, to most of you but we have some information and some really juicy titbits about version 7 for you. It’s a platform that stands to be larger than life with a ground up rewrite of WinMo which is long overdue. The lack of multitouch is disappointing for […]

Do you prefer Microsoft desktop Office suite or Google Apps?


Google Apps adverts are to be slapped on billboards across major US cities fro today in an attempt to grab businesses away from Microsoft’s Office Suite. Google are desperate to be taken seriously in the corporate world, where some customers still remain reluctant to change from Microsoft to Google Apps. Microsoft’s latest office suite 2010 […]