New Nokia 105 cheaply priced featurephone announced

New Nokia 105 cheap price

While we spend a lot of time at Phones Review keeping readers informed about new smartphones, we should always keep in mind that there is still a big demand for budget featurephones. Some people may remember the Nokia 105 that released back in 2013. Now Microsoft has just announced a successor in the form of […]

Windows 10 release date of July 29 confirmed

Windows 10 release date

If you’ve been eagerly waiting to find out when Windows 10 will be available, we can tell you today that a Windows 10 release date of July 29 has just been confirmed. Since last year we’ve been hearing developments about the major upgrade, and Microsoft previously issued a Windows 10 insider preview. It’s good then […]

Microsoft Cortana app for Android and iOS is coming soon

cortana android

Voice assistants. A few years back that was probably the last thing you thought of when choosing a new handset, but Siri and Cortana have changed that. Each platform has their own voice-enabled setup, but one is breaking out as we’re pleased to announce Microsoft has decided to finally unleash a Cortana app for Android and iOS.

Lumia 735 from Verizon appears at the FCC

lumia 735

While other carriers in the states throw up promotions to pull new customers in, Verizon sits idly by and does their things. The company doesn’t dabble with plan promotions as much as some of their competitors, but they do bring in a lot of new handsets. We’ve touched on several new smartphones headed to Big Red already this month, and you can now add the Lumia 735 to the list.

Acer Liquid M220 coming to the US in June from the Microsoft Store

Acer Liquid M220

Last month, we learned the Acer Liquid M220 would be headed to the UK, but folks in the US were still left without a release date. Well, now we have an official release window for the handset as its set to touch down in June from the Microsoft Store.

T-Mobile drops details on the Lumia 640 price

Lumia 640

We spend a lot of time talking about high-powered Android handsets, but there are plenty of folks who enjoy the OS brought forth by the Windows phones. If you’re on Magenta and looking for a new low-priced Windows smartphone, today is your lucky day as the Lumia 640 price has just been listed online from Microsoft.

Lumia 520, 525, and 526 bricking issues reported, updates temporarily stopped

microsoft logo

If you’re a smartphone fanatic, you probably long to get your hands on the latest update from your favorite OS. It’s always a good day whenever Apple, Android or Microsoft roll out a hefty new update… unless it bricks your handset. Apparently, that’s happened to some folks that own the Lumia 520, 525, and 526 and Microsoft has temporarily put a halt on the Windows 10 preview.

The BLU Win HD LTE offers up LTE and Dual-SIM capabilities for $199

blu win hd lte

BLU generally doesn’t launch their smartphones with a lot of fanfare, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your time. The company’s latest handset has just arrived in the Microsoft Store, and it’s called the BLU Win HD LTE.

Nokia Lumia 930 Gold Edition now available

nokia lumia 930 gold

We don’t spend near enough time talking a about Nokia smartphones, and it’s a shame as a lot of folks were fans of the companies handsets. The Nokia Lumia 930 was very popular when it was released last year, and now the company is giving fans a taste of luxury with the Nokia Lumia 930 Gold Edition.

Microsoft gearing up to release a new Surface Tablet

Microsoft Lumia 640 spot

We haven’t talked about Microsoft’s Surface tablet in a while, and that’s because there hasn’t been much to say. The majority of the planet saw the Surface Pro 3 released in August of last year, but we never got a mini or a Surface 2. If a new rumor pans out, the company has been quite, but not unproductive as we may soon see the follow-up to the Surface 2.