Lumia Android phone reportedly coming soon


The mobile industry is an interesting one. Not long ago we heard that a larger iPhone is not a possibility, and we’ve got the larger iPhone5/5s, with rumors of an even bigger iPhone 6 (possibly two), coming later this year. Then we thought we’d never see a smaller iPad, and the iPad Mini is at […]

Microsoft would have purchased WhatsApp according to Bill Gates

bill gates

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the richest man on earth explains that Microsoft would have been willing to purchase WhatsApp. Quoting the interview from Rolling Stone. If there’s a deal that symbolizes where Silicon Valley is today, it’s Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. What does that say about the economics of Silicon […]

Microsoft OneDrive live, automatic Android photo backup

Microsoft OneDrive live, automatic Android photo backup

SkyDrive has walked out the door leaving its reins to a newbie called Microsoft OneDrive, this is now live and fully accessible and the new branding is here to stay and offer pleasure and new functionality. The newly born Microsoft OneDrive retires the old SkyDrive, but this is brilliant news because if offers so much […]

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described as safe pick

new microsoft ceo satya nadella

Since the tech world first heard that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was retiring there has been no end of speculation as to who would replace him. The decision has finally been made and the new Microsoft CEO is Satya Nadella, who has already been described as a safe choice. Nadella as CEO becomes effective immediately […]

Microsoft Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet sale kills stock

Microsoft Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet sale kills stock

On Monday December 9 Microsoft decided it was time to bring festive cheer to all that wanted to buy the Dell Venue 8 Pro, which normally retails at $299 but instead for one day only decided to sell for $99 – thanks to this amazing deal it has killed stocks on the Microsoft Store. The […]

Microsoft’s Nokia takeover given green light

Microsoft Nokia takeover given green light

It has been a while now since Finnish smartphone manufacturer turned to the Windows Phone platform to turn around its sliding fortunes. Things have been improving but now Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia has been given the green light by shareholders of the company. We heard back in September about Microsoft’s proposed $7.2 billion buyout of […]

Microsoft Lumia 5.5 Windows PRT phone with stylus

Microsoft Lumia 5.5 Windows PRT phone with stylus

Concept phones show us the possibilities of what could come in the future; Nokia was purchased by Microsoft and we believe it makes sense to release a brand new Microsoft Lumia smartphone soon. At the end of last month we showed our readers the Microsoft Lumia 4.3 concept, which funnily enough had a 4.3-inch display, […]

Wordament puzzle Android app with Xbox Live rewards

Wordament puzzle Android app with Xbox live rewards

We have seen an explosion in the release of often free but addictive word games recently for the various smartphone platforms, and now today we have news of the Wordament puzzle Android app with Xbox Live rewards. The game has already been available for Windows Phone and iOS users for a while now, but now […]

Microsoft power to release Nokia Aeon or Morph

microsoft Morph

Seeing as Microsoft bought Nokia we need to see something very special in the smartphone industry that brings concepts to reality. Microsoft surely has the power to produce and release the Nokia Aeon or the Morph. Back in October 2006 we shared some news on the awesome looking Nokia Aeon, and this was one of […]

Steve Ballmer’s moving goodbye to Microsoft, video


Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has always been one of the most ebullient characters of the tech world, and many will miss his presence when he finally steps down as CEO. We’ve enjoyed his enthusiastic keynote presentations over the years, and today we have a video of Steve Ballmer’s moving goodbye to Microsoft. Ballmer recently declared his […]