Samsung Pay looks to rapidly expand by waiving Fees

Samsung Galaxy S6 expectations b

Mobile payments are coming whether you’re ready for them or not, and Samsung made a bold move with the announcement of Samsung Pay. It’s a move that has left Apple and Google wondering what’s next, and today we may have gotten an answer as the company might wave fees for mobile payments.

This iPhone 6 is turned on

iphone 6 working

The iPhone 6 ship is leaking like a sieve at the moment, and we’re only a few days out from the official unveiling. The latest leak is an interesting one as it actually shows the rumored iPhone 6 turned on, and there’s a change to a familiar icon as well.

Apple expanded mobile payments service in the offing

apple expanded mobile payments service

There has been plenty of talk lately regarding Apple’s further development of mobile payments and it now seems this is more likely than ever. There are reports today that an expanded mobile payments service is in the offing that will enable customers to wirelessly purchase physical goods. When we recently discussed the upcoming iPhone 6 […]

Mobile Payments Market to Hit $670 Billion by 2015 Claims Report

Mobile Payments Market to Hit $670 Billion by 2015 Claims Report

The latest piece of tech to become the big thing in the smartphone space, albeit not being new technology as it’s been around for some considerable time but was slow to be taken up by smartphone makers, is of course Near Field Communication (NFC) otherwise known as mobile payment, and a new study has now […]

Vodafone Mobile UK Taxi Payments & Free Chargers: Lovely

Vodafone Mobile UK Taxi Payments- Would you Use

Vodafone branded taxi cabs will now offer customers the option to pay via their mobile phones putting a stop to stopping at cash points and paying by cash, plus mobile phone chargers are being fitted to 500 black cabs. Vodafone has decided to fit mobile phone chargers to 500 black cabs across in London allowing […]