Twitter helps terrorists to spy using mobile phones

Twitter helps terrorists to spy using mobile phones

The tiny messaging software Twitter could become terrorist’s newest killer app according to a draft army intelligence report, allowing terrorists to organize and co-ordinate militant attacks according to the Federation of the American Scientists website. The site concentrates on the newer applications that are now available for mobile phones such as iPhone, Research in Motions […]

Play X-Factor on your mobile: But no Cheryl Cole

Play X-Factor on your mobile: But no Cheryl Cole

If X-Factor on you TV isn’t enough to keep you happy, then you will be glad to know that you can now get X-Factor 2008 on your mobile, so if you missed the all important audition then you can get your chance on your mobile. Once you download the X-Factor game you can create your […]

Text Guard monitors your Kids: Do you love them?

Text Guard monitors your Kids: Do you love them?

Parents will say they are protecting their child, whilst the child will say their parents are spying on them, so who’s right and who’s wrong? Text Guard is a software which basically allows parents to keep tabs on their child’s text messages. It’s very simple to use, you literally just have to install your monitoring […]

UK government to force mobile phone buyers to register ID


If the UK government has its way, every person who purchases a mobile phone will be required to log their identity on a national database under the government’s plans to extend the powers of state surveillance. This measure would require those people who purchase a mobile phone to present their passport or another form of […]

Mobile phone activity tracked: Your views?

Mobile phone activity tracked: Your views?

If the next time you send a text or browse the internet on your mobile it will be monitored and saved for two years on a national database held by the government, would you think this is an invasion of your privacy and a violation of your civil rights or something that is long overdue? […]

4-Port USB charger for mobile devices from Kensington


Need a charger for your mobile device, and one that’s reasonably priced? Kensington have their 4 Port USB Charger for mobile devices that can charge up to four mobile units. The Kensington 4-Port USB Charger can charge such mobile devices as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, iPods and more, and all at the same time from […]

Criminals can now be traced by examining text messages?


There is now a new line of catching criminals apparently, as language experts and ecologists join together to help the police in catching criminals by viewing the suspect’s text messages. These experts are adapting methods of studying ocean life to identify unidentified text authors by the use of their grammar, syntax of words, and spelling […]

Mobile home blaze: Mobile phone charger to blame


There aren’t a great deal of details on this report, but apparently a fire which caused roughly $30.000 worth of damage to a mobile home was caused by a mobile phone charger. Fortunately the mobile home in Delaware was empty at the time of the fire, and thankfully the Millsboro and Indian River fire-fighters managed […]

US Congress ban in-flight mobile phone use


Apparently mobile calls while airborne are not only dangerous but also obnoxious, and thus are now illegal as Congress take a voice vote to ban the use of mobile phones on airplanes. A report on The Associated Press sates that the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved a bill to make permanent the Federal Aviation […]

Is your old mobile just collecting dust?

recycle your mobile phone

What happened to your mobile when you were sent your shiny new upgrade? If it’s sitting in the back of your cupboard collecting dust why don’t you recycle it and make yourself some hard cash? Research shows there are 80 million mobiles un-loved mobiles sitting in people’s homes, you can earn up to £20-£150 per […]