Orange and BIC get a close shave with their PAYG mobile


Well you could call this one a close shave I suppose! Sorry bad joke I know. But apparently BIC, yes the same people who make the cheap orange coloured razorblades, and Orange, hmm wonder if that has any relevance? Anyway, BIC and Orange have started to offer the BIC mobile phone in France, and are […]

Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot C902 Introduced in India: Rs 20,995

Sony Ericsson has introduced the stunning SE Cyber Shot C902 mobile phone in India for around Rs 20,995. The Sony Ericsson Cyber Shot C902 has all the little things you could want on a mobile phone such as enhanced face detection and auto focus features plus, a cool 5-megapixel camera. It features 160MB internal memory […]

Call of Duty 5 on a mobile phone: Do you want CoD5 on handsets?

Now this is from my personal point of view, I love playing Call of Duty 4 and must say pretty addicted to it, of late though not played a hell of a lot due to the fact of working. I would love for you to sit and think about this “Call of Duty 5 on […]

Dubai Businessman gets seven years for £1.8m mobile phone VAT fraud

What happens if you lead a £1.8m mobile phone VAT fraud? Well Jasbinder Singh Bedesha, of Al Seef Tower, Dubai got the answer. Jasbinder Singh Bedesha was sentenced for last week for his part in a £1.8m mobile phone VAT fraud and money laundering operation. He is the fifth man who has been jailed for […]

Hunt for the ultimate mobile phone remote control download: Help us please?

We are on the hunt for the ultimate mobile phone remote control download, we know for a fact that having many remote controls in our homes to control the stereo, TV, DVD/Blu-ray players, computers and so many more is too much to handle. Yes we know that you can buy an all in one universal […]

What is the worst mobile cell phone in the world? We lend our shoulder

This mobile phone is rubbish, this phone keeps breaking down on me, I have had this phone a week and have now returned it, my phone will not even switch off, now these are just a few things our readers have said about their mobile phones. Yes many of you love your mobile/cell phones so […]

Cigarette box 668 Mobile Phone: Can smoking and talking really damage health?


Now this is one for the books, many health experts say smoking seriously damages health as so do mobile phones apparently, well what the hell happens when you combine cigarettes an a mobile phone all in one package? We all know that smokers have their cigarettes in their pocket and they also carry mobile phones, […]

Can mobile phones really seriously harm baby whilst pregnant? Study says yes

According to a new study using mobile phones whilst pregnant can seriously harm your baby. The study of more than 13,000 women found that using a mobile phone/cell phone two to three times a day was more than enough to raise the risk of harming your unborn child. Apparently even letting children under the age […]

Iron Man shoot-em-up game on your mobile phone: Are you a super hero?

Marvel Entertainment and Hands-On Mobile are bringing you the ultimate superhero Iron Man to your mobile phone, this new mobile phone game is based around the awesome film which is fantastic. We all know that this is not the first time Hands-On Mobile has brought us mobile games based on movies because they have already […]

Phones 4 U UK facing investigation by Ofcom: Have they ripped people off?

Phones 4 U are being investigated by Ofcom, Phones 4 U who are a highly popular high street retailer in the UK are facing this investigation for alleged mis-selling, misrepresentation, so-called “cash back” offers and hidden charges which are proved to be unclaimable. Phones 4 U have over 440 stores in the UK and have […]