Samsung F490 Brand New Unlocked Mobile Phone Only £295.00

If you want to buy a brand new Samsung F490 which is also unlocked then you will be happy you came here. We have found on eBay UK this amazing mobile phone that is all the talk at the moment for only a mere £295.00. You know nine times out of ten you will get […]

Should Top Gear celebrity Jeremy Clarkson be punished for mobile use whilst driving?

We all know that it is against the law to use a mobile phone whilst driving in your car, well Top Gear celebrity Jeremy Clarkson was photographed by another motorist clearly showing Mr. Clarkson was doing exactly that. The TV star could now be faced with a £60 fine or more, I must say though […]

Mobile phone radiation reduction with PhoneShield


Mobile handset growth is expanding on a daily basis in the UK, and responding to that the PhoneShield has received a new launch. The small PhoneShield is a discreet product which attaches with ease to any mobile handset, and is said to reduce the effects of low-frequency, non-thermal radiation via the usage of quartz crystals. […]

Decide what image – ringtone your friends see with Monniker


Changing the face of ringtones and images viewed on your mobile phone, Monniker actually allows a user to decide what ringtone and picture the receiver of the call hears and views when you call them. Yep that’s right; with the new Monniker service you choose how to identify yourself on your friend’s mobile, this way […]

Pinger has launched instant voice messaging service sort of a SMS type of service


A new instant voice messaging service has recently been launched by Pinger which allows a user with a mobile phone to send voice messages straight to in excess of 20 countries at only the price of a local call. This idea from Pinger is to provide a simple to use, economical substitute to international text […]

Callpod Phoenix conferencing and communications available to 5 users using Bluetooth

Callpod Phoenix

Callpod, the company behind the ultra long-range Bluetooth headset and the six-devices-at-once charger have now come up with a Bluetooth 2.0 conferencing device known as the Phoenix which can join up to five headsets and Skype or a mobile phone. Apparently Phoenix will be able to have an area range of up to 300,000+ sq […]