Worst Passwords top ten, don’t pick these!

Worst passwords top ten

For many people security on mobile devices is a major issue, and something we can all do to improve this it to try to pick secure passwords for our smartphones, tablets and online accounts. While some are meticulously careful with this, others of us may not take enough time and rely on an easy-to-remember password […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 lockscreen security risk, data vulnerable

SGS3 lockscreen

We use our smartphones for a number of things these days that include storing sensitive data, which could be banking information through to email addresses. This will mean that as owners we wouldn’t want this information to fall into the wrong hands, and now a Samsung Galaxy S3 lockscreen security risk has been found making […]

GData 2011 Mobile Security for Android Smartphones and Tablets

GData 2011 Mobile Security for Android Smartphones and Tablets

GData has just announced its new ‘Mobile Security” protection product for Android smartphones and tablets. G Data MobileSecurity is a new product that will protect identities as well as personal information and confidential content, for example photos, emails and messages against the likes of spyware, malware, viruses and many more. The key features include, on-demand […]

Review: My Mobile Watchdog


My Mobile Watchdog is something pretty special that will keep your kids safe from malicious activities, the word no parent likes to hear is called “Sexting” which is a major national epidemic among teens 13-19, we will explain about the service and we would love to read your personal reviews if you are using My […]