Disadvantages of Moto X Google Play Edition release

Disadvantages of Moto X Google Play Edition release

The moment Motorola announced the launch of the Moto X phone there were already consumers asking when there would be a Google Edition. From what we are hearing there might not be one, but for some strange reason there seems to be growing support for one. Disadvantages of Moto X Google Play Edition – The […]

Moto X could launch within days on Verizon, other carriers


The Motorola Moto X is generating a lot of interest right now, and in the US it has just released on AT&T. This phone will be available on all of the big four major carriers but release dates for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have not yet been announced. Now it looks as though the Moto […]

Moto X, Galaxy Mega 6.3, One Mini all arrive on AT&T


If you are an AT&T customer itching to get your hands on a new smartphone then you might be pleased to hear of three new handsets that have now arrived for the carrier. The Motorola Moto X, Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and HTC One are all Android smartphones and available right now on AT&T. We […]

Moto X Active Display feature available as Active Notifications app


Many Android enthusiasts are keen to get their hands on the new Motorola Moto X smartphone, which looks set to fly off the shelves. One of the features that Motorola has included with this phone is Active Display, a handy new addition. If you like the sound of this feature there’s good news, as this […]

Limited Moto X stock to release early on Rogers


There is a huge amount of anticipation for the Motorola Moto X phone, and you can be sure that this Android handset will be flying off the shelves on release. We recently told of an August 23rd release date for the phone on AT&T, but if you’re in Canada you’re in luck, with reports that […]

Moto X Phone limitations with color combinations

Moto X Phone limitations with color combinations

In order to make the Moto X Phone different to some of the other handsets on the market, Motorola come up with a rather simple idea, and that was give their customers the ability to customize their handset. being able to change the color of your Moto X is a huge selling point, one that […]

AT&T Moto X release date and price revealed, not long

AT&T Moto X release date and pricing revealed

A few weeks ago after months of rumours the latest Motorola flagship smartphone was unveiled over in the US, and while there was a lot of information about the handset individual dates and pricing wasn’t known. Now the AT&T Moto X release date and pricing has been revealed by the carrier with not too much […]

Moto X official accessories appear before release

Moto X official accessories appear before release

Normally when a new phone becomes available shortly afterwards various official accessories begin to appear, although there are always countless third party products available to consumers. Now before it is even released some Moto X officially endorsed accessories appear. The Motorola Moto X hasn’t even been released yet but the company has begun putting accessories […]

Moto X vs iPhone 5, no dramatic advantage


The Motorola Moto X was recently announced and will release very shortly, while the Apple iPhone 5 released last year. However, although these phones run different operating system platforms, there are some similarities such as pricing. Today we want to give you a comparison of specs and also show a video comparison of the Moto […]

Sign-up for Verizon Motorola Moto X interest


The Motorola Moto X smartphone was recently announced and is generating a lot of interest ahead of its availability. Although there is still no confirmed release date for this upcoming device, the Verizon sign-up page to register your interest in the Motorola Moto X is now live. While Motorola hasn’t announced an official release date […]