Motorola may launch Windows Phone 7 devices


As we know Motorola have already delivered some devices powered by Google’s Android operating system. And according to a report over on it would appear that they are to continue delivering more throughout the year. Not only that apparently Motorola are going to also provide some feature phones and there are also chances that […]

Motorola Whinges over Ex-VP Joining Nokia

Motorola Whinges over Ex-VP Joining Nokia

David Hartsfield is a former VP of product management with Motorola, he helped see the Motorola Droid through to completion, but decided his time with Motorola had come to an end, and wants to join Nokia. However, according to an article over on engadget mobile, Motorola is having none of it, and if attempting to […]

Verizon Motorola Droid smartphone finally has Multi-touch


It would appear that the guys over at Alldroid have been extremely busy working on bringing true multi touch to the Verizon Droid. It would appear that user’s Eugine373 and BarakinFlorida have figured it out, if you have a look at the video you can see that BarakinFlorida has been busy testing it out on […]

Apple passed by Motorola in recent study among men.


In a recent brand loyalty study among men aged 18 and over Motorola have exceeded Apple since the launch of its new Droid handset. However, the iPhone maker has remained well ahead of BlackBerry according to the recent study. The daily tracking statistics from YouGov’s brand index showed that Apple dropped from 48.1 in November […]

Motorola reports Profit in Q3

Motorola reports Profit in Q3

Motorola has now announced sales of $5.5 billion for Q3 of 09 and the GAAP earning via continuing operations in Q3 were $12 million or $0.01 per share with total cash at the end of Q3 being $7.2 billion which is an increase of $700 million as compared with the end of Q2. Motorola generated […]

Browser and Google navigation at the Droid event


The DROID has now finally been checked out in person, at Verizon’s Motorola DROID event. Let think seriously about this though as both Verizon and Motorola engineers were actually on hand to answer any questions anybody cared to throw at them and they also gave a quick walkthrough of the handsets browser. Not only that […]

Profit for Motorola in third quarter


It has been said that as Motorola have mustered a small profit ion Q3 that the interim chief financial officer will now be filling that post permanently. The Schaumburg based maker of mobile phones and other communication equipment have reported some net income of $12 million, or 1 cent a share in the third quarter. […]

Boost Mobile lands Motorola i856 Handset


The new Motorola i856 Debut has just landed at Boost mobile. We first saw images of the stylish sleek slider in the wild way back in March. We are not entirely sure why is has taken so long for Moto and Boost to actually get round to launching the phone. There isn’t anything really special […]

Motorola Sawgrass and Heron Android phones declined by AT&T


According to MKM Partners analyst Tero Kuittinen, AT&T Mobility have decided not to carry Motorola Android phones later this year as he argued that the devices were outdated. The two Moto models were named Sawgrass (aimed at teenagers) and Heron (aimed at students and young professionals) both for AT&T, were prototyped using Windows Mobile. As […]

Motorola revenues down but posts small profit for quarter

Motorola revenues down but posts small profit for quarter

Apparently Motorola is making a slow but steady return into the mobile phone market and they have now posted a small quarterly profit regardless of slowing down sales reports techwhack. Motorola has manages this by implementing cost cuts and although Motorola phone sales are down they still managed to beat market expectations. Motorola posted a […]