The Nexus 6 is now available from Sprint for $299 with a contract

Nexus 6 battery life

The Nexus 6 is slowly starting its march towards consumer’s mailboxes, and the carrier rollout is underway as well. Sprint has the Nexus 6 ready to roll today, and it’s going to set you back $299 with a 2-year contract.

Moto Maxx to be a localized device, no plans for a European release

moto maxx

When the Droid Turbo was released as a Verizon exclusive, folks on other carriers let out a sigh, and then began deciding between devices like the Nexus 6 and Note 4. There was hope for a global rollout with the unveiling of the Moto Maxx last week as it’s the Turbo sans Verizon branding, but those hopes have been dashed today as it appears the Moto Maxx will be localized to only a handful of regions.

New mid-range Motorola smartphone gets Benchmarked


Motorola has had a pretty solid year in 2014, and it’s going to get a little better whenever the Nexus 6 starts to roll out. The company may not be done yet as a new device has just popped up online, and it sports one of the new 64-bit chips.

Moto X Football Edition said to arrive in time for Turkey Day

moto x football edition

Football season is over its halfway point, and fans now know what to expect from their favorites teams the rest of the way. The same can be said of the new Moto X, as it’s already shipped out to countless consumers and there are plenty of reviews to give you the lowdown on the device. What do the two things have in common? Nothing until now, as it looks like we’re going to get a Moto X Football edition.

Moto Maxx launching in Brazil, Mexico and Latin America

moto maxx

Motorola had an announced scheduled for Brazil today where the company was expected to show off the upcoming Moto Maxx. Well, they just put up a blog post and the Moto Maxx will be coming to three regions with Brazil, Mexico and Latin America.

Moto Maxx leaks shows an unbranded Droid Turbo in the Wild

moto maxx

It’s time to get excited if you live anywhere but the United States. Last week, we mentioned another version of the Droid Turbo may be in the works, and today it was spotted in the wild. Just don’t expect it to come to the U.S. anytime soon…

Nexus 6 release for UK and Europe may not be until December

Nexus 6 release for Europe may not arrive till December

The launch of a Google Nexus device is always big news, and it was the same story recently when the Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone was announced. This handset will be in huge demand when it finally becomes available, but we’ve now heard that the Nexus 6 release for the UK and Europe may not be […]

Motorola publishes Android 5.0 Lollipop update tracker

Motorola Droid Quantum 6.3-inch phablet release rumoured

When it comes to Android 5.0 Lollipop, users are excited to see it power their phones. As such, manufacturers are trying to deliver the update as soon as possible, and, while at it, share as much information as they can on the process, and its status, with their customers. Whether that’s on social media outlets […]

Nexus 6 vs LG G3, benefits laid bare

Nexus 6 vs LG G3 c

The Motorola-made Google Nexus 6 was made official last week and will release next month. The smartphone will be running the new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system version and has a much larger display than previous Nexus handsets, putting it firmly in phablet territory. With this in mind we have a video to share that […]

Nexus 6 unlocked price is $649, coming in November

google nexus 6

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on a mountain top, you probably knew the Nexus 6 was coming. We’ve already given you the lowdown on the HTC Nexus 9, and now it’s time for the Motorola Nexus 6 to spend a little time in the spotlight.