Nokia Lumia 920 case accessory with 12x optical zoom for PureView camera


We try to keep readers informed about new useful accessories and today we want to tell you about a Nokia Lumia 920 PureView camera case accessory that’s rather unusual as it also offers 12x optical zoom. It comes at an affordable price and for those who often use their smartphone camera it could be a […]

Nokia Lumia 928 a step closer as accessories arrive


The Nokia Lumia 928 is a highly anticipated smartphone that’s heading for a Verizon release. This runs on the Windows Phone operating system and we previously informed readers that it is scheduled to release in May although no specific date has been confirmed yet. A promising sign though that the release is a step closer […]

Updated: Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case

Chance to win a Nokia Lumia 920 Issentiel leather case

Update About Winner: We have chosen our winner, we wish to say congratulations to Andy Swann, we will be sending out the Nokia Lumia 920 case tomorrow morning (May 16th). Well done Andy, for those that did not win we wish to say thank you for taking part. Please stay with us because we will […]

Luxury Lumia 920 case in handcrafted leather


There are some great accessories around for smartphones and tablets and it’s a done deal for many of us that if we invest in a new device then we want to protect it with a decent case. Today we have news on a luxury Lumia 920 case in handcrafted leather and this would be a […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Incipio Faxion case review, closer look videos

Nokia Lumia 920 Incipio Faxion case review, closer look videos

The Nokia Lumia 920 is without a doubt a very nice looking phone and highly functional, you do not need us to sit here giving any more details about the smartphone itself but what we do want to say is that one might want to protect their device with a cool looking case, so how […]

Nokia Lumia 920 official cases via Expansys

nokia lumia 920 case

While the team here on Phones Review like to keep our readers up to date with all the latest news about new mobile phones and the operating systems they run on, we also try and provide regular news on the various accessories that are available for handsets as well. Those of you that are proud […]

Nokia Lumia 920 enters Otterbox Cases vs Naked

lumia 920 cases

Smartphones have become thinner and lighter with ever increasing screen sizes in the last couple of years, and there are many users that like to protect their treasured handset with some sort of case product. The flagship Nokia Lumia 920 now has some Otterbox cases to protect it but some users may still like to […]

Sexy Nokia Lumia 820 interchangeable shell cases

820 shell

There are many smartphone owners who like to customize their device so it is more unique compared to versions owned by other users. Nokia recently announced its new line of Lumia handsets that will come running the upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system, and the Nokia Lumia 820 has some sexy interchangeable shell cases available. […]

New Nokia Lumia 800 Case, Pre-order now

New Nokia Lumia 800 Case, Pre-order now

Hot and coming soon is the new Nokia Lumia 800 brown carry case, at the moment this one is still at Price TBA, but you can pre-order it right now. This is a stylish protective case for your new Lumia 800 that features easy access, insertion and removal of the handset. The Nokia Lumia 800 […]