Lumia 640 could be Lumia 630 successor and launch soon

Microsoft Lumia 640 spot

It’s always good to hear of new Lumia handsets on the way and a new model number RM-1109 has now come to light. The Microsoft Lumia 640 could be a successor to the Lumia 630, and all the signs indicate that it could be launching soon. Read on for more on this new sighting. The […]

Lumia 535 vs 635, 735, 830, 930 bootup speeds and benchmark test

Lumia 535 vs 635, 735, 830, 930 b

The Microsoft Lumia 535 was the first Lumia smartphone to launch without Nokia branding and it has created a huge amount of interest. It’s a fairly low-end device for the budget end of the market and comes in single SIM and dual SIM models. It released in December and will compete with many of the […]

Microsoft Lumia 635 sale cuts price to $129 for 12 Days of Deals Promo

microsoft lumia 635

The Microsoft Lumia 635 has been out since the summer, and it’s proved to be a popular handset amongst those looking for a mid-ranger. It wasn’t expensive to begin with, but it has just gotten a whole lot cheaper for one day thanks to the Microsoft 12 Days of Deals Promo.

Nokia Lumia 930 vs 830, 735, 635 boot-up speeds compared

Nokia Lumia 930, 830, 735, 635

Nokia Lumia devices have plenty of fans and there have been several additions to the lineup that have released over the last few months before the Nokia branding was lost to Microsoft. Today we have an interesting video that shows Nokia Lumia 930 vs. 830, 735 and 635 boot-up speeds compared. All of these smartphones […]

Best Windows Phones to buy in August, 2014

windows 8.1

There are several new Windows handsets scheduled to arrive during IFA 2014, but there are still plenty of solid Windows 8.1 smartphones to be found. It also doesn’t hurt that prices tend to drop when new devices are released. With that in mind here are the Best Windows Phones in August 2014.

Nokia Lumia 930 vs Lumia 635, differences shown

Nokiai Lumia 930 vs 635 b

From time to time we like to share video comparisons of smartphones, and generally these are of devices with similar prices. However, the Nokia Lumia 930 and 635 have recently released and are priced for different ends of the market. The video that we’re showing you today is of the Nokia Lumia 930 vs Lumia […]

Nokia Lumia 635 review with pros and cons

Nokia Lumia 635 review b

The Nokia Lumia 635 was announced with the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 back in April and recently released to various world regions. Previously we showed readers an initial hands-on video look at the 635, and now it’s time for a Nokia Lumia 635 review. Before we get to the review we’ll remind you of […]

Nokia Lumia 635 price for UK higher than elsewhere

Nokia Lumia 635 price for UK higher than elsewhere

The Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone is a new Windows Phone device to the market. This has some decent specs and an affordable price tag and is now available for sale at UK retailers. However, it emerges that the Nokia Lumia 635 price for the UK is higher than elsewhere. Last month we informed readers that […]

Nokia Lumia 635 unlocked UK pre-orders and price

Nokia Lumia 635 unlocked UK pre-orders and price

If you’re in the UK and have an interest in the Nokia Lumia 635 that has just arrived on the scene there’s some promising news today. Nokia Lumia 635 unlocked UK pre-orders and the price are now available, with stock of the phone expected on July 3rd. We previously heard of US and India pricing […]

Nokia Lumia 636 TD-LTE version of Lumia 635 is approved

Nokia Lumia 636 TD-LTE version of Lumia 635 receives approval

Many readers will have heard of the new Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone, and now the Nokia Lumia 636 TD-LTE version of the Lumia 635 has been approved. The Lumia 636 has gone through the certification process in China and bears model number RM-1010. This will the first Nokia smartphone with TD-LTE support to be sold […]