Nokia video gives glimpse of new Lumia PureView device

Nokia video gives glimpse of new Lumia PureView device

Nokia has been on a roll in the last few months quickly expanding its range of Windows Phone 8 and Asha hardware, but now the company has released a video that gives us a glimpse of a new Lumia PureView device. The company has been really busy in the last few weeks and has announced […]

Nokia Lumia EOS True PureView Windows Phone for AT&T


There’s some interesting news today about a new Nokia smartphone due later in 2013 as the company is planning its first ‘ ‘true’ PureView Windows Phone handset. Many of you will no doubt already be fans of Nokia’s PureView technology so this news should prick up some ears. The true PureView Windows Phone has been […]

Nokia Lumia handsets heading to Sprint & Verizon

Verizon and sprint to get lumia handsets

Nokia has seen its slice of the smartphone market virtually disappear around the world especially in the US, but the Finnish company is looking to change the situation with its move to the Windows Phone platform after ditching the Symbian operating system. Today we have news that Nokia Lumia handsets will be reaching US carriers […]

Nokia to bring PureView technology to future Lumia range

pureview coming to lumia

When Nokia first unveiled its new 808 PureView handset the biggest selling point for the device was its new camera technology, and now it has been confirmed that Nokia is bringing this technology to its Lumia range of smartphones in the future. The Nokia PureView 808 besides the camera technology is not exactly a ground […]

Lumia and PureView future devices gaining waterproofing tech

Lumia and PureView future devices gaining waterproofing tech

It appears that Nokia wants to deliver a little extra protecting to their future Nokia Lumia devices and future Nokia PureView devices in the form of waterproofing, and apparently Nokia has decided not to go with the waterproofing tech that is already out there for smartphones, but rather go with a new technology. According to […]

Possible future of Nokia Lumia PureView 920 Phone


We always endeavor to bring readers all the latest smartphone news and we also enjoy the many concept ideas out there for phones. Today we have news of another concept smartphone and we have a feeling that if this existed it would be pretty popular. Meet the Nokia Lumia PureView 920. Mixing up the Lumia […]