New Nokia Lumia 730 color and dual SIM addition

New Nokia Lumia 730 color and dual SIM

There have been murmurings about a Nokia Lumia 730 smartphone for some time, and just a couple of days ago we showed some leaked images of the device in green. Its codename is the Nokia Superman and now a further image has leaked that shows a new Nokia Lumia 730 color in a dual SIM […]

Nokia Lumia 730 Superman photos hit the net

Nokia Superman 730

Everyone knows Nokia has a few Windows 8.1 handsets in the works, and one of those is the selfie snapping Superman phone. The device is believed to be the Nokia Lumia 730, and a new photo of the smartphone has just hit the web.

Nokia Lumia Superman smartphone headed to Verizon and AT&T

nokia lumia logo

Earlier in the month we briefly touched on a leaked photo of a device believed to be the Nokia 830 or Nokia 730 aka Superman. Well, we still don’t know what that device is, but today we’ve learned that it is headed for AT&T and Verizon in the U.S at the end of next month.