Nokia leaps for Wireless Power


We all get frustrated when our phones run out of charge, and we all end up rummaging around either under desks in handbags or cupboard drawers. No more searching around for cables to plug your phone in, as WildCharge have come out with a wireless charging solution for the iPhone. Lots of companies now are […]

Video: Nokia N900 Ripped off as Copy Nokia N900

Video: Nokia N900 Ripped off as Copy Nokia N900

Now the Nokia N900 hasn’t been around that long, but that never stops the rip off merchants from doing their thing, and thus the Nokia N900 has now been cloned by Chinese firm Nokla, and according to engadget mobile is called “Copy Nokia N900.” The Copy Nokia N900 does lose the landscape QWERTY slider and […]

Nokia AT&T and CenturyTel climb while others decline

Nokia AT&T and CenturyTel climb while others decline

Apparently CenturyTel, a mostly rural local phone company, rose 3.5 percent when Morgan Stanley raised their rating. CenturyTel, who plans on changing their name to CenturyLink has recently acquired Embarq Corp and has now become the 4th largest landline carrier in the United States in market value reports marketwatch. Verizon Communications added 0.8 percent, while […]

Dow Jones Index: Nokia titled as Worlds Most Sustainable Technology Company

Dow Jones Index: Nokia titled as Worlds Most Sustainable Technology Company

According to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, Nokia is the world’s most sustainable tech company reports marketwatch. This year Nokia was chosen as “World Technology Supersector Leader” placing them in the number one spot across the global technology sector.The prestigious Dow Jones Indexes are world respected rankings which show how well the world’s leading companies […]

Cool Debate: Should Nokia still buy Palm?


Strange but why does Nokia seem to struggle so much in the US, the home of capitalism? With around 40% of the market it is quite surprising that Nokia are struggling in the US. Outlined in an essay called ‘What Nokia should do’ are some ideas from market analyst Frost and Sullivan, which has been […]

Vlingo: Mobile Voice Recognition Technology on Nokia Ovi Store


The most popular mobile voice powered application is set to change lives of people on the go in Europe. With an extremely fast and easy to use mobile interface that will ensure to save time and allow users to get more done. Starting from today Vlingo is available to download via an Ovi store by […]

Are laptops becoming old hat compared with smartphones?

Are laptops becoming old hat compared with smartphones?

With the ever advancing technology being put into smartphone, smartphones are surpassing what most expected they could accomplish and are becoming more of a highly portable computer. Over time mobile phones have evolved and are no longer just for sending a message or ringing someone, now we can check emails, surf the web, use social […]

Nokia XpressMusic being replaced with all new X Series


It seems like Nokia are about to re brand XpressMusic at the same time as the release of the X series a new class of device. That’s what’s been rumoured anyhow, are we about to see the Nokia X series launched with a new 3G handset? The rumor about the X series and the C […]

Nokia N85 gets software update: Firmware Version 30.019


Here’s some great news for all you Nokia N85 owners out there. Ovi Contacts features are making the rounds again and this time on newish Nokia firmware’s and the Nokia N85’s latest in not an exception. Version 30.019 has just stated to circulate all around the world, bringing some great new features including realtime contact […]

Nokia Comes With Music: Taylor Swift, Britney Spears library build


Nokia Music plans world domination with Come With Music, this offers everything you want from a music download service. There are over six million songs to choose from. This is said to be the best supply for digital music. All that is needed is a Comes With Music account and a Nokia XpressMusic device, it’s […]