Nokia shares its quarter 4 results


Great news for Nokia today as they announce their quarter four results. Pretty impressive stuff. Their net income has increased by a massive 65% to 948 million Euros, on 12 billion Euros in sales or 26 eurocents per share. The forecast of 19 eurocents per share was beaten. They have also successfully grown its smartphone […]

Something big is on its way from Nokia this week


Thanks to the guys over at mobilecrunch as we have news now that something big is on its way to us but surprisingly its not from Apple. Nokia have something up their sleeve, but the problem is at the moment we don’t know what it is, it must be big as they are holding a […]

Nokia Symbian^4 competes with iPhone and Googles Android


Nokia has turned in its proposal for the Symbian 4^ user interface with the intention of developing an interface that can compete with both the iPhone and Google’s Android operating system. Symbian 4^ will start to show up on smartphones in the beginning of 2011 according to the Symbian developer website, and wikl have a […]

CPU and Symbian OS with fast internet Nokia E72


The Nokia E72 is a very comprehensive functional handset that has a wide range of features. The handset utilises an impressive CPU and Symbian operating system. Not only that it has high-speed internet at speeds of up to 10.2 Mbps it also has class 32 versions of both GPRS and EDGE. It has Wi-Fi capabilities […]

The battle is on again as Nokia take on Apple


Nokia have upped their game in another attempt at suing Apple. This time filing a second patent infringement lawsuit against Cupertino in US District Court. The Finnish outfit this time claim that Apple have stolen patents that make Nokia unique these include patents for a camera phone and also a touch screen display. This come […]

Nokia Complains About Apple Infringements to International Trade Commission

Nokia Complains About Apple Infringements to International Trade Commission

Looks like Nokia is stepping up the action over their alleged Apple infringing of Nokia patens, as Nokia has now made an official complaint to the International Trade Commission claiming Apple practically infringe all of Nokia’s mobile phones, computers and music players reports prnewswire. Nokia is claiming Apple infringes on 7 patens which relate to […]

Nokia Charger Recall Causes BYD Co Shares Fall

Nokia Charger Recall Causes BYD Co Shares Fall

The Battery producing arm of BYD Co, BYD Electronics has seen a fall of 4.4% in shares as a result of Nokia announcing they will replace 14 million mobile phone chargers made by Chinese BYD Co reports Reuters. Nokia stated BYD would cover the costs of recalling the faulty chargers; you can read our report […]

Nokia to sue Apple for infringing with the iPhone


Not just the largest mobile maker in the world, but they also hold a lot of technology patents that assist in making the wireless world go round. As you would expect Nokia is none too happy when other companies use their property without paying their dues. It has been announced today that Nokia will be […]

Nokia does its bit in Philippines

Nokia does its bit in Philippines

The recent back to back typhoons in the Philippines have had devastating effects and Nokia has stepped up to the mark and has donated aid and support for the victims, reports daily mobile. Nokia has generously donated more than PHP 10 million worth of relief medicines and goods and are being distributed via relief operations […]

Nokia Smartphone Share drops to 35% with €559 million Q3 loss

Nokia Smartphone Share drops to 35% with €559 million Q3 loss

Nokia doesn’t seem to be doing as well as they usually do as Nokia posts a net loss of a huge €559 million, which is roughly $834 million, for Q3 and is apparently Nokia’s first quarterly loss in a decade reports engadget mobile. Word is Nokia suffered a 20 precent fall in mobile phone sales […]