Microsoft’s Nokia takeover given green light

Microsoft Nokia takeover given green light

It has been a while now since Finnish smartphone manufacturer turned to the Windows Phone platform to turn around its sliding fortunes. Things have been improving but now Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia has been given the green light by shareholders of the company. We heard back in September about Microsoft’s proposed $7.2 billion buyout of […]

Windows Phone 8.1 to debut on two new Nokia devices


Just lately there has been plenty of talk about the WP8 GDR3 update, but attention is already starting to turn to Windows Phone 8.1 Blue. WP8.1 is scheduled to arrive next year and dribs and drabs about it have been leaking out so far. Now we hear that Windows Phone 8.1 will debut on two […]

Nokia Lumia smartwatch design brings colour to your wrist

nokia smartwatch

In the coming months the likes of Sony and Samsung want to persuade consumers to purchase a smartwatch while other companies such as Apple and Google are rumoured to be developing products, but the Nokia Lumia smartwatch design we have for you today brings colour to your wrist. The image and video that you can […]

Nokia exchange offer on Lumia smartphones in India

Nokia exchange offer on Lumia smartphones in India

With the speed that new smartphones are constantly being released many consumers will like to upgrade their phone at least every two years money permitting, but sometimes this can lead to the old handset just being thrown into a draw somewhere. Today we have news of a Nokia exchange offer on Lumia smartphones in India. […]

Nokia style smartphones with Android get closer with Newkia

Nokia style smartphones with Android get closer with Newkia

Finnish smartphone manufacturer has long had fans of its hardware but many of these left for pastures new due to the limitations of the aging Symbian OS, and also wasn’t tempted back with the new partnership with Windows Phone. Now despite the takeover by Microsoft a Nokia style smartphone with Android gets closer with Newkia. […]

Nokia to buy out German partner Siemens


We have some mobile industry business news today and Nokia has just announced that it is to buy out German partner Siemens. An agreement has been entered into that will mean Nokia acquires the complete 50% stake that Siemens currently holds in the joint venture. This development has already received approval by the Siemens’ Managing […]

Nokia phablet & new supersized Huawei Ascend Mate rumoured

Nokia phablet and new supersized Huawei Ascend Mate rumoured

The right size of smartphone display can often come down to personal choice or requirements from a certain device, but in the last few years they have been getting larger all the time. Today we have news that Nokia may be going down the phablet route along with a new supersized Huawei Ascend Mate rumoured […]

Nokia Lumia Amber update release scheduled

nokia amber update

While Nokia has been busy expanding its range of smartphones around the world, there have been certain things missing from the handsets already available on the Windows Phone 8 operating system. These include the FM radio capability but this is promised to be coming as the Nokia Lumia Amber update has been scheduled for release. […]

New Nokia Mirror design wows

Nokia Mirror design wows

Smartphones are increasingly becoming more stylish and slimmer as companies try and beat the competition by appealing to wider audience, which in turn increases sales of hardware. Today we have a new Nokia Mirror design for you that certainly wows. While the Finnish smartphone manufacturer are beginning to turn the tide in its falling fortunes, […]

HTC One new mics sourced, should not affect supplies


Regular readers may remember an ongoing dispute between Nokia and HTC that we recently reported on regarding the flagship HTC One. It looked as though there may be future delays ahead for the HTC One following Nokia’s win of a preliminary injunction involving the microphones on the HTC One. HTC has now stated that it […]