Nokia OIS camera tech open to all

Nokia OIS

While many users are put off with the Windows Phone operating system that is running on Nokia smartphones, there is no getting away from the fact that the devices feature market leading cameras, and now it seems that the Nokia OIS camera tech is going to be open to all handset manufacturers. For a long […]

Nokia smartwatch design is visually stunning

Nokia smartwatch design is visually stunning

The jury is still out on the future of smartwatches and whether it will just be another passing fad especially going on what is currently available in the market, but the Nokia smartwatch design we have for you today is visually stunning. There have been rumours in the past that Nokia were working on its […]

Nokia Android phone release still a possibility

Nokia Android release still a possibility

There are many smartphone fans that love Nokia handsets but just wished they would run a different operating system, but a Nokia Android phone release is still a possibility according to sources despite the takeover deal with Microsoft. Back in September we heard rumours that claimed that a Nokia handset running the Android operating system […]

Nokia 12-inch Windows Phone tablet has futuristic specs


We recently saw the arrival of Nokia’s first Windows Phone tablet, the Lumia 2520. Now we have news about a Nokia 12-inch Windows Phone tablet that has futuristic specs. Sadly, though this Nokia tablet is a concept design, but read on to see some ideas that will blow your mind and a video. From time […]

Sky Go Windows Phone release hopes raised

Sky Go Windows Phone release hope raised

While more people are deciding to adopt the Windows Phone platform there are still many holding back due to the lack of many popular applications when compared to the likes of Android and iOS, but there could be some good news as the Sky Go app Windows Phone release hopes are raised. Last month we […]

HTC One Mini UK sales halted following Nokia victory

HTC One mini UK

We are used to hearing news about the various patent disputes between Apple and Samsung, but there are a number of battles taking place in courts between other companies and now the HTC One Mini UK sales are halted following a Nokia victory with the possibility of the HTC One being next. Nokia and HTC […]

Nokia MixRadio for Lumias replaces Music


There is news today that will interest Nokia Lumia phones users of the Nokia Music app. This app has been completely revamped and now Nokia MixRadio has replaced the Nokia Music app. The rebranded app arrived on the Windows Phone Store today. For those unfamiliar with Nokia Music it’s a music player app that has […]

Microsoft’s Nokia takeover given green light

Microsoft Nokia takeover given green light

It has been a while now since Finnish smartphone manufacturer turned to the Windows Phone platform to turn around its sliding fortunes. Things have been improving but now Microsoft’s takeover of Nokia has been given the green light by shareholders of the company. We heard back in September about Microsoft’s proposed $7.2 billion buyout of […]

Windows Phone 8.1 to debut on two new Nokia devices


Just lately there has been plenty of talk about the WP8 GDR3 update, but attention is already starting to turn to Windows Phone 8.1 Blue. WP8.1 is scheduled to arrive next year and dribs and drabs about it have been leaking out so far. Now we hear that Windows Phone 8.1 will debut on two […]

Nokia Lumia smartwatch design brings colour to your wrist

nokia smartwatch

In the coming months the likes of Sony and Samsung want to persuade consumers to purchase a smartwatch while other companies such as Apple and Google are rumoured to be developing products, but the Nokia Lumia smartwatch design we have for you today brings colour to your wrist. The image and video that you can […]