Sony Ericsson joins the unlimited downloads brigade


It seems hat the latest word on the net waves is that Sony Ericsson will be the latest mobile phone manufacturer to announce their own unlimited download service. Fast on the heels of Nokia’s announcement of their “Comes with Music”, Sony Ericsson are prepping their version called PlayNow Arena. Could Sony Ericsson be worried about […]

Will Sony Ericsson scare Nokia: Planned unlimited music service?


We all know that Sony Ericsson’s main rivals are Nokia and Nokia always intend to be ahead in the game, well Sony Ericsson has decided to hit back with a new planned service. The new service is an unlimited music service, yes unlimited music downloading service designed specifically for their Walkman-branded mobile phones. Sony Ericsson […]

Motorola ROKR E8 or Nokia 5310 XpressMusic: could you choose?


Maybe not one of the giants of the mobile phone world, and well it is the smallest of the major mobile carriers, but in the past few months T-Mobile has introduced two music mobile phones that have won the praises of First from T-Mobile is the Motorola ROKR E8 which offers an innovative “ModeShift” […]

VoIP fring app now for Nokia N96 and N78


Fring has announced lucky users of the Nokia N96 and Nokia N78 will now be able to install their mobile VoIP application so that they can enjoy free calls to other fring users. Fring is a downloadable free mobile phone application which enables free VoIP, mobile VoIP calls in real time presence to other users […]

New major firmware update for Nokia N95


There is a new software update out for the Nokia N95, and it is believed to be a major update which brings the firmware version from 21.0.016 up to 30.0.015. This new update will optimise the Nokia N95’s performance and overall stability. Furthermore once completed the Nokia N95 will have more software installed while some […]

Mobile VoIP service launched in UK by Tesco


UK Supermarket chain Tesco has launched their new ‘Talkwifi’ service, a service that allows customers to make cheap mobile phone calls via VoIP over WiFi. This new offering makes use of the service which has been developed by Australian firm Freshtel, which will require users to download an application to their mobile phone to get […]

Nokia adjusts mobile market share outlook for Q3 08


Nokia has revised its mobile phone market share outlook for Q3 08. They now expect it to fall lower than the second quarter of 08. This compares to earlier estimates that the third quarter would be approximately the same as Q2. Nokia expects the overall mobile phone market in 08 to be impacted by the […]

UK Nokia N96 will have BBC iPlayer


Aunty Beeb (BBC) and Nokia have teamed and announced that the latest Nokia mobile phone the Nokia N96, which is due to hit the UK come 1st October, will support iPlayer. This means that Nokia N96 handset users will be able to download and stream programs from the BBC service. Just remember data charges will […]

Nokia E71 exclusive to Fido in Canada?


A rumour is going round the net that the Canadians are about to see the full QWERTY keyboard equipped Nokia E71 hit exclusively via Fido. It seems strange that the Nokia E71 should be exclusive to Fido as we all know Fido is Rogers Wireless’ owned MVNO which is primarily targeted at the younger generation. […]

Samsung accepts Nokia Symbian buy-out offer


Samsung has accepted Nokia’s offer to buy out Samsung’s shares in Symbian, this means Nokia’s road to establishing an open-source Symbian Foundation has just been cemented. Samsung was the last share holder in Symbian that stood between Nokia and their Symbian Foundation plans. Now that Samsung has accepted, Nokia will own the rights of all […]