0800 numbers to be free phone calls for mobiles in UK

0800 numbers to be freephone for mobiles in UK

If you a resident in the United Kingdom and own a mobile phone of any description you may have often met the annoying problem of calling so called free numbers from your device only to be met with a charge of some kind, but now 0800 numbers are set to be free phone calls for […]

UK 4G coverage gathers pace following spectrum auction

UK 4G coverage gathers pace following spectrum auction

Currently UK residents that want access to a 4G LTE network can only choose from carrier EE, which is only if they live in an area that is currently covered. Soon though UK 4G coverage will be gathering pace following the long awaited spectrum auction. After seeing a number of delays the 4G spectrum auction […]

UK 4G LTE auction bidders revealed

ofcom 4G auction

Consumers in the UK have long had to make do with a 3G mobile service that can sometimes be patchy, but a 4G service has recently become available from carrier EE. The service is only available in a number of cities around the country and the pricing for the available 4G talk plans is rather […]

Ofcom tips UK 4G coverage for the end of 2013

UK 4G coverage end of 2013

Consumers in the UK are still looking on with envy as they see other countries quickly expanding their 4G LTE networks to make use of the ever advancing mobile technology. Devices such as the latest version of the Apple iPad make use of the faster data connection, but this feature is currently redundant in the […]

UK mobile phone users may finally get 0800 numbers free

Ofcom wants 0800 numbers to be free from mobiles

Mobile phone users in the UK when calling a supposedly free phone number can be charged quite a high rate, which if they were calling the same number from a landline wouldn’t be charged a penny. This could be about to change though as proposals may mean that 0800 numbers will finally be free. Communications […]

Ofcom pushing for UK 4G availability this year

Ofcom pushing for UK 4G this year

The latest version of the iPad brought with it 4G LTE connectivity that is great if you live in a country that can offer you such a network. Residents in the UK have long been watching their US cousins being treated to a number of high-end 4G smartphones in recent times, but today we have […]

BlackBerry porn prompts UK Ofcom investigation

BlackBerry porn prompts UK Ofcom investigation

It appears that Research In Motion BlackBerry smartphones, known for their security, don’t appear to be all that secure when it comes to mobile porn, and here in the United Kingdom, whilst mobile operators have been able to filter such devices as the iPhone, when it comes to Blackberry they haven’t been able to do […]

Brits Are Addicted To Smartphones Claims Ofcom

Brits Are Addicted To Smartphones Claims Ofcom

Well now I’m fairly sure that us Brits aren’t the only people in this world that have somewhat of an addiction to their chosen smartphone, whether you have an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or other, most tend to use their device on a daily basis, however apparently increased smartphone usage is having an effect on UK […]

BT Broadband Price Cuts by Ofcom: Competition Encouragement

BT Broadband Price Cuts by Ofcom- Competition Encouragement

Are you with BT Broadband and would like a price cut? Well if the answer is yes you will be happy to know that telecoms regulator Ofcom is stepping in and forcing BT to cut its prices. BT has been forced to cut wholesale broadband prices in certain areas it is a sole provider of […]

Ofcom rules Mobile Phone charges to be cut by 2011


Telecoms regulator Ofcom have cut the cost that mobile phone companies can charge for connecting a call from another network or landline. The latest ruling should come into effect from 2011 and the a cost has been cut from 4.3 pence per minute to just 0.5 pence by 2015. Another announcement is that also from […]