Best Smartphones of 2014 – Holiday Edition

best smartphones of 2014

Many people are going to find new tablets and smartphones under their trees this year, but there’s still hope if you got a lump of coal or socks. There will be plenty of year’s end sales for the next few weeks, and smartphones will be a hot commodity. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick list of our picks for the Best Smartphones of 2014 – Holiday Edition.

OnePlus Powerbank arriving in 2015 for $14.99


OnePlus has had its ups and downs, but the company just celebrated its first birthday. They also announced a new gadget to mark the occasion, so let’s take a look at the upcoming OnePlus Power Bank.

OnePlus One Mini version specs leak

OnePlus One Mini b

The OnePlus One Android smartphone released in June and was quickly dubbed a flagship killer because of its decent array of specs and competitive price. For some time now there have been rumors about its successor, the OnePlus Two. However, it now seems there may be a smaller version of the OnePlus One on the […]

Nexus 6 vs OnePlus One, winner worth extra

Nexus 6 vs OnePlus One

The march for larger handsets is still gaining ground and there’s plenty to choose from in the phablet sector. The Google Nexus 6 has only just arrived on the market and its release is still rolling out to various regions. On the other hand the OnePlus One was dubbed a flagship killer’ when it released […]

The OnePlus One Christmas Sale puts the smartphone up for grabs sans invite

OnePlus One Christmas Sale

OnePlus is different from most smartphone manufacturers, but just like the big guys, they love to put on a big sale. The OnePlus One Christmas Sale has just been announced, and it’s putting the company’s flagship killer up for sale without an invite while supplies last.

OnePlus One India version unboxing

OnePlus One unboxing

The much talked about OnePlus One smartphone recently arrived for sale in India and to say it has been hotly anticipated would be an understatement. Launched for other regions earlier this year this phone aims to combine some great specs with competitive pricing. Now we have a OnePlus One unboxing of the Indian version so […]

You can get a OnePlus One without an invite this Black Friday

OnePlus One update

We already told you a couple of days back that OnePlus, the makers of the OnePlus One, are preparing some great Black Friday deals. At that point we said that “the OnePlus Black Friday sale unfortunately doesn’t include their smartphone” (only accessories), but, while that was true at that moment, it is only partially true […]

OnePlus Black Friday Sale puts accessories on discount

OnePlus Black Friday Sale

If we know one thing about OnePlus, it’s that they love to throw promotions. With Black Friday coming up tomorrow, they’re jumping on the bandwagon with the OnePlus Black Friday sale. As you’d expect, there is a “catch” if you want to get a deal.

OnePlus One India information lowdown for launch

OnePlus One India lowdown b

The OnePlus One smartphone has won many fans since its initial release and the Indian market has been keenly waiting for it to appear for sale there. Now there’s finally some concrete news on this as the arrival date has been confirmed as December 2nd. We now have a OnePlus One India information lowdown for […]

The OnePlus 2 to stay Cheap and offer more Customization Options

OnePlus One launch for India

Despite various mishaps, the OnePlus One was still one of the cooler handsets this year and it showed consumers they don’t have to shell out $500 bucks to pick up a top-tier handset. The OnePlus 2 is a lock to arrive sometime next year, and today we’ve learned a few new details about the upcoming device.